Whats going on?

I have a lack of information so I will redact anything that is flat out wrong but whats going on with this game, I understand things take time to accomplish and I feel like what they are releasing in the meantime is kinda whatever they can scrounge up…which isnt good. Putting out nerfs with no buffs on characters everyones been calling for which is doeable clearly…

micro skins?Im sure some people bought them…Do they need money that bad or did they think it was cool to design and charge…or what…I dont know if they are free for those who pre ordered the dlc or not but if not thats even worse :/.

Ive clocked 200+ hours on ps4…pc community is dead…New game not in the top 100 played for steam…I know alot of people still enjoy the game, But alot of people are also walking away and it cant just be ignored…I was hyped since this game released…Now I cant touch the game unless one of my few friends that all have stopped playing it decide to hop back on it or new content is released. I open up the battleplan hopeful every time and excited because I want this game to be good so bad and I want to play it but Im disapointed the last two times (5/6), Not even chracter buffs…Im one of those people who didnt even think alani needed a nerf although I understood the nerf she got, Im going to try her out probably to see what its like but just across tho board murdered her, shes not going to be ambra or anything cause she has good utility so maybe shes alright…Its just eh…unfortunate for me I guess as Im sure many people are happy about this…Well thats my rant…thanks.

I understand the original nerf she got as she should only be either high dps or high tank/heal

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The skins for sale does have some people upset but from what I’ve read before release and after this was always the plan.(they could’ve been more clear about it and the hate would have been less) The SP holders will get new skins along with the dlc packs that will be released and all pvp stuff is free for everybody. What they could/should do is either give the SP holders some platinum credits or make them cost less for those players. Honestly I’ve said it a few times on here this has 2k all over it. They have a bad history with this sort of thing. Unfortunately they will keep doing it because people are going to keep buying the NBA and WWE games.(I’m guilty of this as well)