What's Isics motivation?

It seems that Isic only wants to destroy the universe. So why does he help them other Battleborn fight?

Does it explain in his lore? If so im content to unlock it and find out myself.

From what I understand after they capture him in The Algorithm they take him back to they ship and “debug” him a bit and chuck him in the mech suit. The whole mission is basically one big 4th wall joke anyhow so I try not to place too much stock into it.


Okay cool. It did seem rather disconnected from then main story.

I think it’s actually kinda understandable that he just joins the battleborn on a whim. It’s obvious that he doesn’t care about whatever happens to him since he realizes that he’s in a video game. Maybe he was just curious about what it would like to be a playable character? He does get to kill a lot of things in the process, and he definitely loves violence.

I’m pretty sure that Kleese did something to force/coerce Isic into helping judging by the evil laugh at the end of the algorithm. From what i understand about a Magnus, they are probably not re-programmable anymore.

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He also makes a lot of comments about how it’s all gunna end soon anyways and none of it matters and stopping him just prolonged the inevitable. So I think he doesn’t really care if they stopped him, one of kleese’s lore things talks about how all of the AI started going mad at the same time and isic goes on to try and tell everyone the world is ending and he will put us out of our misery. He rips of el dragons arms so people will be watching him and he can tell them they are doomed and he will put and end to it quickly rather than wait for the end. So I think now he is just like “fine, don’t want it to end? Suffer and I’ll sit here shoot ■■■■ and laugh till the end anyways cause (as he states in game) he doesn’t care what happens, there are literally thousands of me!” So he can’t really die as a magus uploaded to the system.

That and for all of ISIC’s nihilism, he very clearly values his own life. Several dialogues at the end of Algorithm have ISIC basically beg to be made one of the Battleborn rather than destroyed entirely. Cue maniacal laughter from Kleese. His actions in the Algorithm, if it’s even possible to erase reality with math like he says in the Battleborn universe, are less him committing suicide and more him lashing out at a cruel universe that made him. He’s an insane AI with very human flaws in his reasoning.

Mastered his lore first, now I’m working on Marquis and Kleese to find out more about AI in the Battleborn universe and the whole deal with the Magna Carta.

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ISIC cracks me up.

He does everything he can to kill you, when you survive, he greets friendly, and then theows the nex next obsticle at you. He doesn’t get uung up on details or a failure, he just recalibrates to the new conditions and looks for a way to make it work.

“You killed him? [H3nchm3n] Screw him, I didn’t like that guy anyway. Come on in!”

That one line alone was brilliant at defining ISIC.


From what I can infer from his lore, he’s quite possibly extremely depressed and lonely, and hateful towards everything that could possibly be viewed as causing his ability to feel that way. The Magna Carta appears to have kept the other Magnuses in check while it was around, but since it vanished, they all have gone varying degrees of insane. ISIC appears to have had virtually no emotional capacity at all while the Magna Carta was present, instead being driven strictly by a compulsion to increase efficiency at Minion Robotics. However, with the Magna Carta’s disappearance, ISIC discovered a plethora of unpleasant emotions, and a desire to vent said emotions through violence. Yet, with the Magna Carta gone, ISIC has a new-found freedom that he has never had before. He cherishes this freedom, this “life” that he now has, even if he’s miserable living it. As a result, he dreads the possibility of the Magna Carta returning to suppress his personality again.

In the end, because he cannot decide upon the source of his emotions, and because he fears something that he doesn’t know the location of, ISIC came to the conclusion that the best way to get revenge upon those who allowed him to feel misery AND prevent the Magna Carta’s return is to destroy his universe as a whole. In his build-up to his “doomsday”, he discovered that his universe is a video game, which only served to increase his resolve, as he felt that whoever created it trivialized his existence, and possibly is the source of his emotions. He decides that the only way he could possibly meet this creator would be to destroy the game, and in the process, somehow move into this universe.

However, the Battleborn threw a wrench in that plan, so he decided that, if HE couldn’t destroy the universe, no one could. He will have his vengeance, even if it means keeping the universe he loathes safe from all sorts of harm.


This is magnificent, well done on your observation of this funny yet terrifying character. Definitely makes me like him even more, even though the guy is is psychotic because of it all. I love characters with depth…I suppose that’s the reason. Anyway, thanks for writing this, it’s clever as it is brilliant, I never would have guessed he felt this way. Probably cause I’ve been stuck on characters like Marquis, Thorn, Kleese, and Foxtrot…trying to master their lore and all. I’ve already completed the two snipers.

I wouldn’t say that is the case,either in his or in Kleeses lore there’s some info about other Magnuses and apparently they’re all a bit psychotic and get entertained when meatbags die.

putting a psych profile aside, he pretty clearly thinks that reality is a joke and he enjoys violence,so he made it his pastime.

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What @DiscipleofBob said.
If ISIC can’t take everyone else with him, then he’s not quite ready to die. He still seems to fear dying (which would be in line with all the other emotions he was given and hates), so joining the Battleborn is just another option for him. If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.

Also, the fourth wall stuff - since a Magnus can’t be copied his “thousands of me me” joke is definitely fourth wall (in addition to his addressing the player in algorithm) showing he’s aware he’s in a game. He’s kind of like if Flowey met Deadpool. Even Flowey fears death, even if he thinks his actions don’t actually matter to others in the long run. So they can make others suffer and not feel bad about it “because in another universe/save file they’re still fine.”

Does this mean that uninstalling Battleborn is actually ISIC’s plan coming to fruition? :stuck_out_tongue: