What's left when main plot ends?

Howdy. Not gonna spoil anything, but… I ve finished the main storyline and can’t find a single reason why I should restart all over again from scratch just to get a weapon that does more damage because enemies have more health… :slight_smile: I’m talking about TVHM, but even MH doesn’t add anything to the whole picture except for tougher foes and bountiful drops. The storyline remains the same… Takedowns have no story, it’s just a big bowl of carnage… Not appealing in the least. How can you keep playing just to “become stronger”? What for? I hope the next dlc will bring at least 3 dozens of hours of story, cos for now the game has come to an end the moment I finished the main plot. Sorry for the rant, i needed to speak of this to sumwun.

The idea is to collect better gear and work through the Mayhem levels. There is no difference from Normal and TVHM once you set a Mayhem level. Unless you want to go through the story again at higher level or get level 57 quest items like the Red Suit.

Right now the best thing to do is stop and come back in a couple of months when end game is fixed. :+1:

I would say the main reason to keep playing is to experiment with different skills and gear to come up with interesting fun ways to play your VH or to roll another VH and experience the game in a different way with different skills etc…

If you have fun shooting things and playing the various VH’s that is the motivation in and of itself. There are theoretically endless ways to build a character and experience the game. That being said…there are some fundamental design flaws in the game right now that are seriously impacting that game loop so now may not be the best time to experience BL3 in a way outside of just completing the story unless you are a masochist. Loot drops are bad. Scaling is bad. Balance is bad. New Takedown seems to be overtuned. Anointment system is out of control.


@garfield1283 I wouldn’t be so harsh, storyline has been enjoyable and not so predictable. Many times I thought I knew what was coming next but got baffled, and that’s a good thing. What I miss is a good way to make things replayable. One of the best would be random generated maps but… Too difficult. The other would be additional content that expands the main storyline. Anything else is just grind, and personally i dont appreciate it in the least.
@jbow2020 this is the reason end game is not apoealing to me, even if fixed.

In your case, run through TVHM and do not turn on mayhem and you will have fun with 2nd playthough. After that is only endgame unless you start another char. GLHF :slight_smile:

Ahem, beg your pardon but… what would be fun in doing 2nd playthrough? it’s exactly the same story, no addons, nothing. I’ve already done every challenge in every map… what’s the point?

No clue, just trying to suggest. If its boring then just got to move on. :man_shrugging:

Ok, last hope is new DLC. If it starts from at least 50th level… and got a good storyline… otherwise it’s done for me.

Haha I like your optimisme :wink:

But once you realize how bad GBX is screwing up the (endgame) you’ll see I’m not actually THAT hard :yum:

You see… for me “endgame” is just a part of the game I don’t care about. I care about plot and main game. All that follows is just a means of keeping players on the game, which I don’t intend to do unles you come up with more story… so GBX can f**k up the endgame all they want… I don’t care. :slight_smile:
What I care about would be replayability… but as I wrote before… :frowning:

On that part it’s somewhat good then :wink:

Normal is too easy and TVHM has you doing the same thing but near max level :joy:

But you can skip TVHM by using mayhem mode :rofl:

For me the story wasn’t really great haha… But I always said that it would be one hell of a task to outdo BL2’s story :yum:

The fact your character doesn’t even feel to be part of the story is also pretty weird :rofl:

What do you mean “not part of the story”? I assume you’re talking about the fact that you have sometimes a weird feeling of “being doing errands on behalf of someone”… But many many games suffer from this issue… Unless the world revolves around your choices, but I struggle to find a fps with these base concept. I could think of some rpgs maybe… Back on original topic… Enabling MH does nothing but increase difficulty/loot. It’s not what i’m looking for. I want to be kidnapped by the events, fight for a cause. Becoming stronger is not a valid reason.

Like both previous Borderlands games, the longevity came with repeating the game with different characters, trying new builds, and farming better endgame gear.

If you’re not interested in any of that, and purely enjoy the story progression . . . I mean I’d honestly say Borderlands is probably not the best franchise for you. But BL2 and BL3 (and the DLC especially) are pretty good for that. Hope you enjoy the DLC, I personally found both of them pretty darn fun!

@Gorbles Speaking of that… Both DLCs are right now indicated as level 13. I did not play them in first playthrough, but… if I manage to get on the Sanctuary while playing TVHM will they be playable at 50+?
Speaking of replaying… I’d enjoy re-doing the main quest, but -as I play Amara as main- I can’t get to play other characters… dunno why. Zane is by far the worst I can play… I find his skills underwhelming. Fl4k was my former main, but now I dunno if I could play him again as a sniper, since Amara’s TTB is absolutely astounding for sniper play. Not much I can say about Moze…

Yep absolutely. They scale to level (as will everything with TVHM or any Mayhem mode enabled).

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Sweet. Started Handsome Jackpot. Let’s see what comes out of it! Only thing I regret is not being able to go directly to MH with a new character… I guess Fl4k could be fun… oh well…