What's M11 like pre level cap?

Honestly, if you’re working on going from say mid 50s up some, is there somewhere relatively safe to work, with still of course a hell of a increase in drop chance?

The slaughters. The one on Prometheus is safest. Bring an anti air weapon.

If you are playing either Moze or Zane you can smash your way to glory with Clone or Iron Bear on M11.

As long as you have Moze specced with Short Fuse, it’s doable without, and is probably the best challenge the game has. In my opinion.

I’ve been doing Arms Race challenge runs where I have to run the entire story with what I extract from the first successful run. I took a lvl 13 tizzy and a death rattle to Lvl65 M5.

I reckon a plasma coil would go all the way.

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Set your game to M10/11 and tip Moxxi for some good Crit/Hail’s. They just got MASSIVE buffs and are among the most potent weapons in game.