What's next after DLC 5?

So I saw Joltz speedrunning Arms Race at M11 in less than a minute, so we can tell Arms Race won’t probably bring much the anticipated challenge in the long run. We’d probably be done with it in a day or a week or if you are like Joltz, less than 60 seconds.

So Arms Race can now be considered a farming area. Cool. We get the 4th skill tree that we can use in main game. Probably it’s gonna take a week before all the excitement subsides.

To be fair let’s give both a month of excitement. What’s next on Dec 9th?

Edit: DLC 6 will be coming by Spring, so that’s April or May or June.

I would LOVE it if they did a Bunkers & Badasses style Arms Race with Tiny Tina voicing it. Let one of the legendaries be the Swordsplosion and give us traditional RPG skins :grin:

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DLC 6, I guess


Ooo and then, I don’t know, they could do DLC7…? Hmm, maybe 6.5.


The Pre-DLC?


I still want to know what happened to Fiona and Sasha…

As far as gameplay stuff goes, I’d really like a boss rush style mode. Mayhem 2.0 brought the worst aspect of Digistruct Peak to BL3 (absurd scaling), it would be nice if we eventually got the fun parts too.

Bug fixes


You know, if they made the bad guys be dwarves, I might actually consider buying it. I’ve always said they needed to add a few more missions in the dwarven mines… :smiley:

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We can only hope