What's next event wise?

Just thinking it would be nice to have a roadmap of sorts. What do you guys think is coming next? I’m hoping for the mission item vendor thing :slight_smile:

I’d like to see the loot the planets again. Was really fun and also upgrade some gear.


Loot the universe and legendarys in vending machines at the same time would be great too. New trade thread up btw buddy

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That would i agree. Cool ill check it out, hope all is good?

All good buddy, yourself?

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Fantastic, loving the new dlc! Glad you are.

Good good. Yeah the dlc is pretty awesome, I was hoping for more jackobs legendarys and maybe a legendary stagecoach lol

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Preferably with the drop-rates from the first week when the co-op event was still active. Also, I would hope they include DLC exclusive world drops this time around. (for those of us that have them)


Love the western atmosphere, my dad is from out that way so we visit from time to time so hence why i like it. Yeah a leg stagecoach would be badass but probably overpowered in Fl4k’s hands lol.

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This. That would be nice if they did that or open up previous events for a week to farm.

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A legendary stagecoach would have been awesome. A return of the Flayer would have turned my frown upside down … lol

I still have nightmares about farming the Flayer in TPS. Talk about a low drop rate.

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