Whats Next? Some Ideas for Updates to Come

So I personally LOVED the winter update, and although I disliked BP 35, I still want to have ideas for the future.

To start this off, these are the pros and Cons for Winter Update.
•1080p at 60 FPS
This makes the game run smoothly, and do I need to say more?
•New Character Select
This looks organised, and feels very nice. Good backout System, though counter picking can be a drawback.
Obvious, I know.
Feels fine, may have a few issues, but well done!
•Challenge Skins
•Capture Changes

• Meltdown Finale
Too short, will have suggestions.
•Beatrix Wound
And Mag Size
•Bug On starting Game
The VS screen bugs out.
•Mellka’s Venom
I know, it wasn’t winter update But it is WEAK RIGHT NOW.

As for future suggestions:
•Meltdown Finale Summons only one ultra bot per team, both summon on opposite sides, switch between waves.
Speed of UM is slowed, they are currently like sonic.
•Random in Character Select
I liked it, and would like a Random(all) at bottom of select, as well as specific ones to attackers, defenders, and supports. Better than waiting 35 seconds.
•Nova in a Robot suit as a Playable Character
Next year Season Pass?
•Beatrix Changes to Mag size, as currently shes a better Marquis in DPS, Mag Size, and CC lasts a bit too long(wound).
•Revert Mellka Changes, make Alt Melee worth using.
• Make the 50% Cooldowns of PvE in Missions and ops, or remove it.
• Have an easier way to see Challenge Skin unlock progress.
• Have summon in button for BattleBorn that can’t fight or move in dojo, but can die. Great for venting all Benedict Anger back to him.
• Have a standing pad to start minion waves in Dojo

Thats it! I love the update, and think that these suggestions will make it better!!
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So, I made a post about my first impressions after a weekend of playing, it’s here:

In response to some of yours, I agree with all of your pros, except for capture. I just haven’t played it yet.

100% needs fixing.

I don’t know if those are the problem, mine is her health and the auto aim silence, but some tweaking should occur.


If we get more characters and DLCs, I would be shocked. I am hope, but don’t expect anything after the final 2 Ops and the final PvP mode.

Her alt melee was always fine to make distance with that knock back now it does noticeably more damage. I also think that changing the damage on the venom was not that big a deal. It was 18 at level 1 and 28 at level 10. That 28 was stupid strong and now they just scare it better from start to finish. I am fine with her nerf.

I thought it was only in solo games. But also felt it was in the Ops. I could be wrong on both, but that was what I felt.

It is on Ops, but not on missions, wierdly enough. Makes it really annoying swapping between them. As for Mellka nerf, it was a large damage nerf, particullarily since it effected everything. As for 28 at level 10, it is only powerfull because of lv. 8 helix refined canisters. I even feel RC needs a slight nerf, and I main Mellka. Then again, with wording like 56% damage nerf, but numbers that say 66%, some people are fooled. And the Alt melee does knockback targets, which is why its bad. Yeah, I have had some good games as post-nerf Mell, but would have been better as Thorn, Pendals, or Cald.

NOOOOO don’t remove it!
I have been having so much fun with it!!!

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Fine. Just saying it makes the difference quite annoying.

The length of the wound barely even matters when it’s applied on every single basic attack. If you’re in her los, you’re wounded.
I’d prefer if they changed the wound to only apply when affected by Patient Zero. Allies would gain wound on basic attacks too, though.
Not sure if it would be better but I really don’t like the idea of wound on basic attack.

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I think that it being on PZ (patient zero) would be good, as well as an augment that makes the wound she has currently be applied. That and mag size, as I still feel its a semi auto sniper that deals more damage in burst than Marquis. Marquis should feel like a few hit sniper, and Beatrix should deal more over time and less in burst, like she currently does.

That silence isn’t bad but i would like for it to be 2 sec instead of 3 and further down the helix tree, too easy for it to be a starting option