What's on your bucket list if you have one?

I don’t have one, but I’m curious if you guys do, and what might be on them.


I’ve checked quite a few things off the list over the years, and here’s what’s on there still:

  • Catch a serious solar eclipse, like one that actually tricks the local wildlife into thinking it’s night. In 2024, there’s a good one in April, and I’m making plans now for a camping trip in Mexiquillo National Park in Mexico to catch it. It’s centered in the path of totality, I’ve not yet sunk my teeth into a Mexican forest (just beaches and deserts so far), and the weather should be comfortable when this hits in April.

  • Mountain biking in Moab and/or Bryce Canyon. That should be a simple road trip… could probably knock it out over a weekend, but I’d like some time there to explore. I’m trying to find a sweet spot between crowds and acceptable weather.

  • See an aurora. At the moment, I’m eyeballing northern Norway because that country seems chill AF (pun intended), I’m down with the cold, and it seems to be the place to go to check it out. I’m still debating whether or not to go all in on aurora borealis with a winter trip and just destroy my circadian rhythms with a week full of darkness, or mix it up with some daylight (island hopping on a bicycle looks insanely fun). Iceland and Finland are also on the radar for that.

  • Ride a bike across France on the Canal des deux Mers. I’ve got the route dialed starting on the Atlantic side, and am working out the details of an extension along the upper coast of the Ligurian Sea out of Sète. (just need to pick a ferry point to hop to Sardinia for a loop around that, then over to Italy for a flight home)… not sure how long the plush bike route goes along that coast, and I’m also not trying to kill myself with too much distance.

  • See an active volcano: lodging and travel are already booked for Costa Rica in two months. :metal:

  • See a pine marten and a badger in the wild. I don’t have high hopes for a pine marten, but badgers are apparently all over. I’ve seen lots of wild critters, but not those two.

  • See a full whale breach. I do only live a couple hours from whale country, and have seen a number of them, but I would like to see one of those lumps actually throw itself fully out of the water.

  • Just last weekend, I saw the General Sherman tree. I live in giant sequoia country, but the grove down there (south of my neck of the Sierras) is nuts, and I finally went. :white_check_mark:


I really want to get back to riding a BMX again. Da*n I miss that. Been doing it for some years, but faith had some other plans, so I had to move to another country and actually stopped riding bikes.
Visiting Iceland. As a “winter kid”, born in November and also coming from a country with usually harsh winters, I feel like that not that I just want to, I HAVE to visit it.
Writing a movie script. I really like detailed things, I’ve been reading books telling stories detailed. I would like telling my own story as it is, as it was. No lies, no double meanings, just let out everything straight, so people could see what do I really think and see. To understand who I really am.


I have a bunch of special live events I want to attend in person at some point. I want to travel to the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500. If WWE ever gets good again (#BeElite) WrestleMania would be a blast.


Racing cars sound good. Honestly, never been a big fan of race cars until I saw it live. That gave me a total different feeling. Being there, hearing the sounds, smelling the petrol, seeing the speed… All these feelings you “can’t feel” watching it on TV. You can’t describe it. I’m a lucky guy, who had a chance to (and still do) work on Formula 1 events, specially in Hungary (where I come from), but sometimes I had to go abroad too. There is no word to describe this, you have to be there. I’m having my fingers crossed on both of my hands for you @Genericktag to complete your bucket list. Indy 500? We just wish that we had such things in Europe…


I’ve been to other live races, and you’re right about the feeling. You can stand in certain places at the track and feel the ground shake underneath you as the cars go by.


What kind of races you have been to? Guessing you’re from the US (since you mentioned Indianapolis, Daytona and WWE)

This sounds good too. I see you really like nature :slight_smile: only one month until Costa Rica :ok_hand:but you know there’s a “more chill” country than Norway, I mentioned it already, it’s Iceland. You can find auroras there as well. My fingers crossed for you too man. I wish that all of you be able to complete your bucket lists.

Canada, but I’ve made some trips to the US. My hometown used to hold a CART race every year when I was a kid but stopped a few years before CART folded. In the last few years (before COVID) I finally got to go to some NASCAR races in Phoenix and Las Vegas and IndyCar in Portland.