What's so special about foxtrot's crit

I hear / read a lot of thing about foxtrot and his crits, but what makes that so special ?
Does he have a bonus to crit damage or something ?
Even the character talks about his ability to crit.

His gun has really high base damage (~35-50 without gear iirc) and shoots pretty quickly and with decent accuracy even over long range. While he doesn’t have a crazy critical hit multiplier, critical hits are a reliable way to get more damage out of WF (and OM) that are typically just kind of a bonus on other characters.

Hm… I don’t know, I can’t seem to hit any weakspot with that battleborn.
By the way I know this has nothing to do with the topic but, where is the weakspot of shepherd bot ?


Shepherd crit is on the side vents/thrusters

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Seriously ?
I thought it was one of these floating circle since I usually get total random crit when shooting on their body

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Same! Thank you for the info shinobi

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Nah, vents/thrusters on the side. Aim for these suckers and you won’t be crying about those late game overshields anymore!

Honestly my only problem with shepherd is how tiny their overshield cooldown is.
But now thanks to you I take them down easy peasy

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Flanking these shepherd bots when you can makes all the difference. I play mostly Mellka and now getting back into WF, so flanking is pretty standard tactic with both of them and that crit point is so easy to hit. Especially when they don’t actually move very fast, and when the enemy bot wave runs into your team’s bot wave or front line players the shepherd will literally stop. Like shooting fish in a barrel once you get that timing and flanking right :sunglasses: