What's some of your embarrassing moments?

A little fun topic I thought I would put up see how people would like it. Now this moment I have I only have myself to blame but I died…to the beginning bullymongs. I just wasn’t watching health and they knocked me down, alright simple enough it’s embarrassing they knocked me down but I’ll just kill them to stand up again.

Nope. They were being ■■■■■■■■ lol and as soon as they knocked me down they just backed away from me until I died. (so not only did they knock me down, they killed me aswell.) uggggggh it’s gonna be one of THOSE playthroughs isn’t it. That ran through my head as I was respawning back to Claptrap’s place.

That moment will always haunt me, that I died to the easiest and first enemies in the game.

There’s already a thread for this buddy.

Here you go, friendo!