What's that purple thingy?

Anyone have any idea what that purple glowing thing at the bottom of Pandora is?

Eridium and eridium vapours would be my guess

The central corr of the data matrix?



It is probably liquid Eridium. But what caused it?

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To go with Oscar in Triton Flats…

jack has stated that the eye laser was powered with slag I will assume that the spot on Pandora is the eridium blight

Blight actually has land and ground though. That area is nothing but liquid.

Why does it have to be anything?

Couldnt it just be corrupt/unrezzed/unformatted/chaotic/formless data?

yes, and we get to “completely” explore the blight…sarcasm…

I am talking about Pandora from Elpis, not from Claptrap’s brain.

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Yeah, slag or liquid eridium, nothing else makes sense.

Or possibly some other polluted industrial runoff/waste…

Its not magma or lava, they have that in the area and it is red/orange.

At 0:30


Yeah, I assumed that was Eridium Blight from BL2 or close to it.


That… makes the most sense. Thanks.

Though, the Eridium Blight, on second look also makes sense… ugh.

Whoa what’s with the passive aggressiveness?

does pandora have more than one moon? i ask cuz when your at the platforming part of VoH look down, there is a brown “moon” down there.

on topic: if the vault opening caused eridium to be produced and blast off a huge chunk of the crust, wouldnt it rain down terror and destruction on a level even greater than jack over a course of hundreds to thousands of years due to orbital decay and such? or am i thinking to scientifically for this game? if you dont get what i am asking watch the vid @Feculator posted at the time he states.


Excellent point!

Pandora is either a huge moon or MUCH closer to Pandora than our moon is to earth because when you see it from Pandora, Elpis looks huge.

I would say that any significantly sized chunks that get blasted off of it (unless they just get straight up melted by the heat / power of the laser) would stand a pretty good chance of raining fiery chunks down on the planet, not to mention possibly affecting Elpis’ tides & weather.

pssst switch your planetary names!

Elpis is deff hollow and a shield world like planet/monn

that is a huge chunk of Pandora that gets shot out into space. even if the vast majoirty of that chunk breaks orbital velocity of Pandora, still a lot of it won’t and that means lotsa rocks and debris smashing back down onto Pandora, and not in any kinda contained area.it would be like if Greenland was explosive launched into space due to the pressure under it.

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Isnt that kind of what i ssid?

Im confused now LOL.