What's the best borderlands game?

I’m obsessed over bl2
Bl is really good but they tried to hard on the third one
The pre sequel flat out SUCKS
In my opinion
(Side note I have not played tales)

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The only good thing about the Pre sequel is the Claptastic Voyage and the Grinder/Being able to View other players equipped items.

Despite the fact that I have more hours in BL2 than TPS, and am now only playing BL3, I still think TPS is peak Borderlands.


I have been playing all 4 games alot lately. The first game is great proof of concept, but the game is INCREDBLY repetitive, with bland terrain and almost no enemy variety until the DLC (and if you want to play optimally, you gotta skip the good stuff to do the main campaign twice before hitting the good stuff).

The leap Borderlands 2 made is almost unreal. The vibrant areas, characters, more interesting quests, complexity of fights, and sheer volume of content makes it seem like it was made 10 years later rather than 3.

Pre-Sequel is essentially a really, really large DLC, but I love the idea of playing as Jack’s henchman, and I like the fact that it attempted to take risks and be quirky.

Borderlands 3 has so many quality of life updates, and is the first time the gunplay has really matched the level of something like Destiny (even though Borderlands has always done everything else better).

2 is the pinnacle of the series. With all the DLC, it’s one of the biggest, most content rich games of all time, but 3 is not far behind. My ranking is Borderlands 2>Borderlands 3>Pre-Sequel>Original. I don’t think the first game is bad, but it really seems like a template compared to everything that came after.


its hard to be unbiased
bl3 might mechanically be “better”
but bl2 is just in my heart and the story is much better

My order;
BL2 - Most challenging (in UVHM), best replay-ability.
BL1 - Most fun to just rampage around. High replay-ability.
BL3 - Too easy once you figured it out and geared up. For me, zero replay-ability.
TPS - Never found the groove. Played through a few times, but nothing hooked my imagination.

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1 is still closest to my heart. Sure it’s clunky and slow compared to the others, but it had such a big impact on me.

2 is God. It hit everything from gameplay to writing to loot to map exploration to raid bosses to characters to content.

TPS was and still is the best in terms of game mechanics but the cringy writing and the lack of content only put me in the hundreds of hours rather than 2’s thousands.

3 is not for me. No need to expand on that.

So, best? BL2 has by a massive margin the most of my life and I suppose that’s really the final criterion.


Interesting question. Especially so because I’m not a long time fan. I only discovered it in 2017 when the Handsome Collection was free on the Sony store.

So I have relatively little experience. In that limited experience, I have to say I like TPS probably the best. Some of that might be nostalgia. I’ve slowed down on it lately. Getting a little bored. I have three max characters. I’m trying to do it in UVHM without dying. Came close with Athena, now it’s Timothy’s turn. Will have to get back to it some day.

Second I would say is BL2. To me, it’s definitely the most challenging. I have a Siren at level 55. I made the mistake of starting with Axton, whom I have abandoned. Find he has a glass jaw. I may try again if Maya can find some better gear. But even with the Toothpick, an Electric Chair and Mouthwash Axton seems to fall down a lot. I’ve started a Psycho, meh, and a Gunzerker. Enjoy the Gunzerker. Oh and of course I have a Zer0 at about level 45. And just the sheer amount of DLC ensures I will be playing it for a long time. That and levelling up takes forever :slight_smile:

And that brings me to BL3. It’s both fun and very frustrating. I have one goal left on BL3, and then will probably put it away. That is to kill Wotan on true mode, MH 11 with urad build. I’m still looking for a couple of weapons, and would love to find an Atom Balm Deathless. I play BL3, a lot. Not sure why? Well, the mechanics are fun, and the worlds are vast. I just wish GBX would lose interest in it and stop micromanaging it. If this is the future of games, I just might seek out older games.

And last on my list. BL1. Just can’t get into it, at all. Will try to finish it someday. Playing the Siren.

Started Tales from The Borderlands, which is more of a diversion I think than hardcore BL games. It’s fun. It’s just a different creature.

Forgot about Tales. I tried it on Steam and Xbox, and got very frustrated with the game mechanics and stopped messing with it, about 20% finished.

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I have not played tales but it would be on here

In terms of gameplay BL3 has grown quite a bit and offers some of the most dynamic gameplay because of that and how much FPS game grew between 2012 and 2016.

Story wise I think BL3 has some good parts and characters but it try’s to hard with the family metaphor and the expositonal onslaught towards the end of the game is a cool moment but dosn’t really bring the story full cicle with how disjointed the ending is. The game seems to take its share of liberies with the lore and bulldozes some formerly important minor details similar to TPS with regards to Jack. Yes keeping your universe straight dose get harder as it expands but it is still important to the more dedicated fans. In that regard BL2 has a good flow of events giving it a better experience. BL3 at times feel like 5 books tied together by a partially absent antagonest. In terms do jokes and humor I can’t really pick one game.

Visually I think BL3 is great but has a lot of white and visual clutter from different effects. BL2 has the same in several cases. Honestly I think in terms of visuals and presentation TPS gets it. Ya it’s a Tell Tale game so that is one of the things it should smash out our of the park but credit were credit is due. It is also a damn good story so I think it would take silver in the story department.

Now Music well both 2 and 3 have some great tracks but over all I feel like BL2 had a better sound track while BL3 had variety with several stand out tracks like the Troy Calypso boss music Lectra City, Mouthpieces boss theme and so on. But even with thos amazing tracks BL3 has whole sections like Eden 6 were it has a ton of forgettable tracks. Personally I would give it to 2 but only but a bit and only beacuse I think all the battle themes are slappers.

To talk about BL1 and BLTPS for a bit I think both are good games in there own right. TPS is a bit long for the story it is telling. The side quests and map designe are questionable at times but the Vault Hunters are the amazing and low gravity dosn’t really get old at all. BL1 is the building blocks for the franchise and thus it is very basic by today standards but is still a fun older shooter which has a sort of retro vibe to it now but is far more expansive then any retro shooter. It is still a really good time as I have said on other posts in the BL1 section. Dated but good.

Crowning a winner really depends both on what you are looking for in your games and your personal tastes. Is music a big factor to you? How much do you care about over all story vs character development? Do you like exploring and side objects or do you want to stick to the main path? What type of music do you like? What brand of humor tickles your funny bone? What characters did you like?

All those things are very subjective and different among the now 5 games in the franchise. Personally for me I love BL3 but have some feeling of disappointment due to my own expectations (reasonable or not) after Battleborn. This leads me to lean towards BL2 as mu favorite dispite BL3s gameplay being just so much better, fluid and “balanced” then BL2 was able to accomplish.


Stating an objective ranking (including consideration for each game’s publishing date etc.) isn’t possible for me. So my ranking is based on the simple question:

How much time did I spend in each game?

That’s the best meter I could think of, from the top of my head. So here goes:

  1. Borderlands 2
    My only game (at all) with a four figure number of hours played. The BL game that I am most likely to play even now.

  2. TPS
    A few hundred hours. Very good skilltrees and characters, less solid on writing, maps and mission design. Claptastic is my favourite DLC of any BL game.

  3. Borderlands 1
    Some fewer hours, though I played it before getting Steam, so the meter may be little off here. The grandfather. Less visually appealing for today’s viewer, but still quite playable.

  4. Borderlands 3
    I want to like it more, I really do. It’s the only BL game I have that I didn’t get out of the bargain bin at the local electronics shop. It doesn’t grip me as BL 2 did. I played through it with Zane and Moze, and was more or less done. I began Amara and Fl4k (gotta try them all :smiley:), and it felt like a chore to get them through the early part of the game. The sheer fun of starting a new Mechromancer didn’t appear at all, so BL 3 is on a hiatus now. I will return to it sooner or later, I guess.


No, TPS was 2k Australia.

Tales From The Borderlands is the one by Tell Tale Games.

Tales is the best. BL3 has the best gameplay but it goes way down the list for the massacre of Vaughn’s character.

It’s incredible they themed BL3 around family and then killed off the Children of Helios and made sure none of the characters from Tales ever interacted or even directly mentioned each other.


It is still 2 for me.

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BL3 has some good gameplay, but some bad new features, too. I got more than a little annoyed by things like temporary invincibility to prolong boss fights, for example.

Imagine you play Zane using a Hellwalker and you’ve got an enemy like the Mouthpiece perfectly pinned between yourself and the clone (also equipped with Jakobs’ wonderful Doom reference). The enemy’s healthbar dwindles rapidly…

Just for said enemy to become impervious to any damage and walk out of the crossfire zone. Yay.



Yeah, I guess I was going more on general feel than any particular mechanics. The smoothness of motion with sliding and mantling just makes everything feel more natural to me.

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the order for my liking

overall content and DLCs, bl2 has the best.
BL3 has a lot of improved features but it lacks the same feel when playing at times.
BL had a good start with the 4 you could choose but Morty was best
PS had its moments. was short and wish it had more content that wasnt all claptrap related

I would have to rank Borderlands enhanced as my favorite. The first borderlands might not have been as content/feature packed as 2, but less complexity that hits a lot of high notes is better to me than more complexity that misses more. You could tell that blind squirrel gave it their best shot by porting over as many quality of life changes as they did. Though there are still glaring problems, that’s more on gearbox for treating enhanced like a promotional Dlc.

As for the pre-sequel, it’s tricky. It’s easier to think of it as an extension of 2. The model of taking an existing games assets and re-using them as a canvas for a new game isn’t bad if it’s done well. I personally think that the pre sequel does it very well. They also bring a few quality of life changes to the mix. As for the writing, I forgot really think it’s any less cringe than 2’s writing tbh. People always talk about pickle being incredibly annoying, but I’d take pickle over tiny Tina any day of the week.

The one thing I really don’t like about choosing based on quality of life changes are that they are usually such simple changes, that there’s no good reason to simply patch them into the older games once they realize it’s an improvement.


Interesting. I find Tina at least a little funny, while I find Pickle nothing but annoying. And next time, find someone who pronounces “methane” at least a little bit like everyone else in the world…