What's the best borderlands game?

I can agree that Tina is funny sometimes, and I’ll say that pickles voice can definitely be annoying (TREASURE MAAAAP!). IMO it comes down to their behavior for me. Pickle is a wide eyed adventurous young boy, and I’ve always found that to be endearing. Tina just generally feels forced with all of the sexual jokes, and trying to do some spastic street talk. It’s this sort of archetype of a little girl that tries to be funny by subverting expectations with being crude or violent that, personally, I’ve always just always been off-put by.


I understand. And I think they took her way farther in that direction in BL3 and I don’t care for her at all in that installment.


Why though

I could post my personal ranking for every single Borderlands content but that would probably earn me the ire of the whole community :sweat_smile: although my ranking for just the main games will probably raise enough eyebrows as well, so…

#1 Borderlands 1 - Which to me set in stone what a Borderlands game should be, probably helps that I played it near launch.

#2 Borderlands The Pre Sequel - Let‘s just say that if I hadn‘t played Borderlands 1 first this would be my favourite one, it‘s pretty much on the same place as 1.

#3 Borderlands 2 - Don‘t get me wrong BL2 is unquestionable one of the greatest games of all times! But as an actual sequel to Borderlands 1 I absolutely hate it because it almost completely got rid of the awesome Mad Max atmosphere and lonely feeling of 1.

#4 Tales from the Borderlands - This is a really tricky one. There are things like episode 1+2 which feel like peak Borderlands to me but then there are things like episode 3 and 5 which just can‘t hide the universal boring and buggy slog that is every Telltale game :frowning_face:

#5 Some non existing Borderlands game.

#6 Borderlands 3 - This one is sooo much closer to BL1 than 2 but then there is the story SERIOUSLY DON‘T GET ME STARTED ON THIS ONE, oh and let‘s not forget all the bugs and mismanaging and yada yada.


Bl2 is the best all round IMO…

Wider range of dynamic amusing enemies than 1 or 3. More game and DLC. More Raid bosses. More playable characters. Better story. No Ava… Believable villains… Faster performance than BL3 as frames per second are important in a first person shooter,…rather than glitzy visual effect over-kill that most platforms can’t render fast enough… Faster UI.

Having said that:

BL1 has a better loot system - more randomness of gun part rolls made more interesting range of end game weapons.

The pre sequel = the grinder. Some random fabulous guns could be made in that machine. And the jet pack was ace.

BL3’s takedowns are brilliant. Fast travel from anywhere is a great addition. The playable characters, and their observable skills are designed excellently. The Mail is a fantastic feature. Overall Bl3 has great combat, gunplay and weapon design. But slow UI and maps were too short. Too few mini bosses.

All games would benefit from a mission reset at UVHM without restart - that scales to current level.

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Just played through the Marcus DLC again, and it reminded me of another reason why BL2 is best. The Song.
Not the background or ambient music, I mean the song the Psychos go Plink plinky plink on the piano.

Each game needs a signature song sung by an NPC.


Bounty of Blood had a song but it’s still near the bottom of my list of favourite Borderlands DLCs. :man_shrugging:t2:

Did ir? I have a vague memory of that, was it in the tavern in the middle of town? I’ll admit I only did that DLC twice, wasn’t that enjoyable to me, and the Ruiner was too easy a boss to bother much with.

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Almost October 2021 and I am still discovering new skins and unlockable in BL2. The replay value of BL2 has to be top 5 all time in the history of gaming.


Borderlands 2. I’ve played all of them a lot, but there’s something about BL2 that just feels like home.

I just wrapped up everything in BL3 yesterday. All missions, side quests, etc. (on Mayhem 11, TVHM too). I thought about resetting the missions to do another run through, but I just can’t. I’ve had my fill of it, and I’m satisfied with what the game got me.

But I know I will get the Borderlands itch again, so I’ll probably reinstall BL2.

Last thought; the newly announced game featuring Tiny Tina so far has been of little interest to me. It looks way too much like ‘been there, done that’. If I want the experince that game will probably offer then I am likely to get it with the DLC in BL2. Maybe I’ll be wrong.


I would like to add that since updating to a PS5 I am much more impressed with BL3 overall. The UI is more responsive and load times are seriously improved.

Moreover, the game doesn’t look like a pixelated mess. Makes me think just how much forum debate is lost discussing poor optimisation…

Still believe it could be optimised to feel more speedy like a doom-like first person shooter (without a £3000 PC!)

Also PSN badly needs crossplay as matchmaking on psn is a joke… And if I could press skip the dialogue, increase the spawns in certain maps, I think it would be near perfect. Fingers-crossed March :crossed_fingers: :pray:

I also bought season pass 2, and arms race is certainly a lot of fun.

Anyone new to Bl3 on the new generation of consoles will have a totally different experience than the old generation. I highly recommend replaying it from the start if you have updated your console.

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