What's the best Build for Moze?

My wife wants know she uses Moze.

Were playing tvhm mayhem 3 and she would love to know the best shields and guns.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I like using a blast master mod, focusing on Maliwan smg’s (kybs, ion laser, and cutsman) and torgue pistols, rifles and heavy weapons. I spec all the way to the capstone in the blue tree and the rest into the green tree. I use a big boom blaster with different anoints depending on what I’m doing, but i usually stick with the 75% shield and health on exit. For a grenade I’ve tried all sorts, but the cliche cloning maddening tracker is definitely the best, I got the on throw version on trade and then two days later found a shock on ase version so I switch it up. My artifact changes depending on what I’m doing but I usually use a atom balm Otto idol since I use a lot of radiation weapons. I will switch it up with atom balm victory rush as well as snowdrift Otto idol/ victory rush if I need some movement speed. Also I find that moze has some really good purple class mods so don’t sleep on them. For iron bear, lately I’ve switched from the target softening rockets to the explosive Minigun rounds and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. I also use auto bear and the bubble shield for when I hop out.


Thank you so much bro. Where do you farm for the kybs,ion laser and cutsman and the shields?

The kybs is from Wotan in the takedown, the ion laser is from evil st Lawrence in the spendopticon metroplex in the dlc. The cutsman is from borman nates on promethia In the meridian outskirts. The big boom blaster drops from the unstoppable in the ambermire on eden 6.

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I use pretty much the same as @Skavenger except I alternate between blastmaster and rocketeer coms if I need a distraction. I’m using a Juliet’s Dazzle with splash annointment and the short fuse procs are hitting 100k+ Crits on the test dummy. Look for a combination of AOE, plus matching elemental and weapon type rolls on artifact and use any weapon that corresponds. She’ll have a great time.


Thank you so much bro really appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much brother. I’m sorry what does aoe mean?

Area of effect. It’s splash damage essentially. Why it’s great on the Juliet’s Dazzle is because it effects the projectile as well as the explosion.

AOE is actually a little broader because splash only comes from explosions.

True but I thought the simple explanation would be less confusing.