What's the best class WITHOUT using the Class Skill?

Hi All

I currently have a 53 Axton going through UHVM, a 40 Krieg still doing first play through, and a 50 Siren cooling her heals.

Now while I have played Zero/Gaige/Salvador a little, I don’t know that much about them. I am in the main a Commando/Siren player.

However, i fancied something different, plus I am hopefully going to get some online games in soon, so I was wondering about the following.

Which class can get the most out of NOT using thier class skill. A glass Cannon is going to die to easily, and a pure tank wouldn’t have the DPS, so I was looking at a class that has a ton of useful DPS and Survival skills, that don’t require thier class skill active.

I have typically used Axton without the turret, pulling it out at the “oh S**t” moments, but its always there ready to pull my butt out of the fire, and is always ON when I play UHVM, and I use Maya’s Phaselock like its going out of fashion, and of course, Krieg is just awesome fun with RtB.

So I fancied playing something where, if possible, I could 90%+ go through without actually using the class skill, just the boosts from skills and COM’s and relics etc

I thought it might also be a good “What class would you do, and what build would you do” excercise.

So, any thoughts on who has the most DPS mixed with Survivability, WITHOUT using their class skill?

My first thoughts go to Axton with healing from max Shields, his ability to quickly rebuild shields, and some useful Weapon Damage skills usually overlooked by me from the Guerilla tree due to getting the most out of the turret (Double Up/Scorched Earth/Gemini eat a lot of points)

But I have 3 Axtons, so I was wondering who else could be a contender? And what skills would you go for?

This is of the top of my head Axton build, would probably need tweaking, lot of the Guerilla Skills I haven’t used, as I usually max out Turret Skills

My Hellborn Krieg doesn’t use his Action Skill unless I have to deal with Crystallisk which doesn’t happen very much :wink:
Even at OP8…

EDIT : here is my HellBorn Build
Main Stuff is Leg Torch, Bone of the Ancient (Fire), FotF, StormFront, Heartbreaker, Kitten Slag, Kitten Corrosive and Badaboom Explosive.
Just throw 2-3 StormFront and run to every target to burn them all !! :smiling_imp:

Krieg. Hellborn.
Tanking at its best.


Thanks for the feedback guys, but can I ask, are we talking end game build and top equipment here?

What about levelling?

Assuming average drops and mission rewards, who would you go for, and what would you build to get to TVHM then UVHM?

With Axton above, I would build Preparation first, then build for willing, early doors get in the survival skills needed for later, and then start getting the damage skills in.

Personally speaking, I found Krieg quite difficult until I got RtB, so maybe I am not the best at this game, having never finished UHVM or got anywhere near an OP level, but I personally would have difficulty levelling Krieg without ever touching his Class Skill.

I levelled my Krieg in a HellBorn way all along Normal Mode, TVHM and UVHM :wink:
You’ll only need Moxxi’s Weapons and FotF that are all Mission’s Rewards so, easy to get/farm.
You can use Tesla instead of StormFront and a blue/purple Torch Class Mod instead of the Legendary one.

I only started to play Krieg RtB at OP levels, but I’ve waited to get a RR to use RtB AND StV at OP8 :wink:

Kreig is good through both normal and true with Hellborn and whatever else takes your fancy. Got to say that his action skill is pretty awesome though!

My alternate recommendation would be Gaige, starting with either of Ordered Chaos or Little Big Trouble through normal and true. DT can be equally parts great and frustrating, depending on your build and the situation. The anarchy thing can take some getting used to (“Don’t reload, don’t reload!”) but, once you get the hang of it, it’s great. Discord looping is also pretty awesome.


There are times were a shoot around on an Anarchy Gaige and completely forget the existence of DT.

That being said, every time I reload out of instinct, I can feel my beard hair graying.

The problem with not using DT as Gaige is that you miss out on that wonderful li’l guy who can tank soooooo much aggro. Honestly I love being in co-op games with gaige because of the additional aggro relief. And the binary boss in the Peak does a funny dance when DT gets into his melee range :smile:

I think that’s the case for most of the characters though: the OP did ask about best class without using action skill, but all of them have action skills that are fun to use.

Quite repeated but functional.
We the badasses tank with a fire Maliwan SMG, a Rough Rider and Flame Flare.

Not having played Krieg or Gaige, I’d say Axton of the original 4. My favorite loadout was a COM w/ +6 Metal Storm and +5 Steady (Auto Gunner I think) and just running around blowing everyone away with a Blockhead. Legendary Ranger would probably be even better (Onslaught) but that didn’t exist back then.

Best: Hellborn Krieg, LBT/OC Gaige

OK: Axton, Sniper Zero, Maya

Worst: Salvador, Melee Zero, Melee Krieg


What he said. A properly specced and geared K and G don’t need their action skills to get through the game.

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