What's the best grenade for Amara

Both with and without an elemental projector relic equipped.

I’ve been using cyro hex because melee damage gets a buff from frozen enemies

If I was going for more elemental damage over melee damage, would I be better with the shock hex then? Or something like a firestorm?

I would definitely say shock because she gets more damage from shock over every other element

I use a Quasar. Quasar + Allure = what enemies? Do you mean the pile of hit boxes that can’t shoot back?

Cool. Thank you for the quick response.

I’m lazy with switching weapons, so i usually alternate my nades (and skill element) depending on m3 modifiers. When i see like -50% gun and -50% cryo + corrosive, ill use shock action skill and my cryo hex to strip armour, since only one modifiers nerfs nades. My standard is usually shock hex, fire AS, cryo weapon but yeah that changes depending on m3 modifiers.

I got a Radiation Recurring Hex that does a lot of heavy lifting, even on Mayhem 3 with a -50% Radiation damage modifier just having her with Tempest fleshed out to 5/5 still makes it competitive. Also not 100% sure, but I think the effects of Phasezerker Legendary mod does affect its damage output too, its listed as a 3% weapon damage per Rush stack modifier on the mod rather than just gun damage, and when I toss out the Hex right after her Action Skill it just devours enemies in seconds.