What's the best place to farm the Phasezerker class mods or class mods in general?

I was farming those loot tinkers, but I still didn’t get this mod. Now that it’s nerfed, I have no clue what or where to farm these? I know that they are supposed to be world drops, but are there enemies that have a higher chance of dropping them as far as we know? I can sort of do Mayhem 3 in normal, but it is a bit of a struggle to kill things at the moment.

Sorry, I’m only on Mayham-Mode I, and I didn’t know much about the mechanics of the mode, but I have good experience on finding legendary class mods for the host character by farming Tyreen/Destroyer.

I hope I could help.

Ceep on farming…

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I’ve been playing offline without the hotfix trying to get literally any class mod and I’m having terrible luck. I’ve farmed Chupacabratch lots and he hasn’t dropped a single legendary com.

Is there a particular boss that has a higher chance of dropping class mods that anyone knows of?

Legendary class mods will not drop if your playing offline. You must be playing online and in my experience, graveward and chupacabratch have been the best sources of legendary class mods for me. I got my phazerker com from from chupa

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Graveward and chupacabratch have been the best sources for me for legendary com’s. My phazerker com dropped from chupa.

How do you know they won’t drop offline? And how does that even work if so?

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He is right. I used to play offline mode for like 2 days straight before the hotfix came out. I didn’t see a single legendary class mod drop. Then, when the hotfix came around, I went back to online mode. First Graveward kill earned me a legendary class mod.

I have been switching back and forth between online mode and offline mode. I can assure you that there are no legendary class mod drops in offline mode. Not sure why that’s the case, but it is how it is.

If you want to get legendary class mods, you will have to play in online mode.

Must be a glitch. Some people pay for these games because they’re the only good looter shooters on the market that aren’t online-only games. And for those people to be hogtied out of getting the best coms in the game is really dumb.


I forgot to say that I am playing on PC. So this may not be a thing on console.

Nethertheless, yes, it sucks. The people that can’t play online are obviously going to run into problems because of this bug. They need to address this bug asap.

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I got the phasezerker just by playing normally. I encountered two loot tinks on Eden-6 and one of them dropped it. I do have a question about class mods. Do you need to have points in the skill for the mod to add to the skill? I know that was a requirement in BL2. But in BL3 it looks like it just adds to your skill tree without having to add a point.

Yep, class mods add skills points regardless of whether you have the skill unlocked.

awesome, thanks!

Mayhem 3. Go to Athena. Sprint all the way to the legendary hunt target. Make sure you get the new u on the way in, kill it, get 1-3 legendaries pretty much every time, quit restart rinse repeat. In 3 hours today I filled my bank and inventory with legendaries. Ezi

You don’t get any legendary class mod when you are not “online”. If you disconnect from the internet on pc you can’t get any legendary class mod and I also noticed that some other legendarys and deco/skins will never spawn in offline mode!

I farmed for days in offline mode and never saw a class mod. I then downloaded a trainer and maxed out legendary drops, went to the DAHL Ship arena, had like 300 or more legendarys on the ground, not a single one was a class mod!

I then went online and killed Gravewarden and look at that… a legendary class mod.
And after that I found many more.

I guess there is already a “hotfix” right after release of the game that you have to download.

I’m a big fan of farming Chuppy on Athenas. Got a lot of my best gear from him, online and offline. What specifically do you mean by a “trainer”? Like a guide for it or a modifier?

if you are playing offline you can farm the claptrap slot machine in moxxies area in sanctuary. class mods drop offline from that machine.

Use some google-fu.

Grab a character with the legendary mods, swap out in the bank. Delete the new character.

Not having legendary mods in offline is another bs component of this farcical game.

They got a lot right with this game; but oh so much wrong.

Farming GraveWard will drop everything just keep farming. They fixed drop rates with Nov. 7th patch.

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I like gigamind for mods. I’ve seen him drop 3 legendary mods at once no joke. Phasezerker was a little more rare for me to find. I think I only have 5 Phasezerker saved but I’ve seen about 100 or more nimbus mods lol.

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I had been trying to get a specific Messy Breakup from GENIVIV, and she dropped way more class mods than her actual assigned drop. I had like 4 Amara legendary class mods, but after farming her for a few hours, I had something like 12 (can’t remember for sure, because I sold a few).

I also got 4 monocles to drop from her. So there’s that.

I haven’t hit up Graveward in awhile though - not sure how he compares now.