What's the best place to farm Tubbys

Just wanting to know people’s Opinions on where the best place to farm Tubbys is.

I farm for tubbies behind Ellies garage quite frequently.

Also enjoy running through the Wildlife Preserve. Chance of tubbies AND loot midgets.


I haven’t tried behind Ellie’s garage before but I’ve ran through the wildlife preserve many times to farm for loot midgets and I haven’t seen one tubby ever, just my bad luck I guess.

Got two the other week coming back the other way - one over by the Lynchwood exit, and one in the area between Ellie’s, the Hodunks, and the Three Horns exit.

I used to get quite a few Tubbies in the Wildlife Preserve on the second week of the Drop Rate experiment but last week was pants for Tubbies and loot.

Ellies backyard is quite good and you can set off a few Goliath’s at the end and watch them slap each other about for a while. I managed to get the “David and Goliath” achievement there after one of them leveled up 4 or 5 times.

If you do the Wildlife Preserve, remember not to open ANYTHING or push/pull ANY levers until after you have opened the cardboard boxes containing said Midgets and don’t take anything out of those boxes.

I set the friendly skaggs free by the ammo and health machines and now I get Ultimate Badass Loaders and several other bots and Hyperion personnel there now. Whereas before I had a clear run to the grass.

Also, who put the titanium grass stalk on the top of the little mound on the right before you go into Specimen Maintenance? … You won’t get that if you don’t use the hill but there is definitely something that stops you moving backward from the edge and all I can see is grass! :smile:

One of many such invisible obstacles, unfortunately! There’s a spot on the roof of the brewery in Sawtooth Cauldron (the building just below and to the right of the main path from where you first enter the map), and I’ve run into invisible bike remains doing the road race in Badass Crater many times… You could say it was almost Unreal :wink:


That made me laugh :slight_smile:

THIS is by far the best and quickest method.

I remember that thread or one similar on the old forum, touting the CSD as a great method. I remember trying it and feeling a bit underwhelmed. I definitely was getting tubbies, but not as many as the thread made it sound. I tried it a few times on PS4 and I wasn’t getting much again. Haven’t gone back since.

Anyway, DomNation vouching for it makes me wonder if I should give it another shot.

I go behind Ellie’s garage and in frost burn canyon

The Dust has given me the most luck overall. The front and back of Ellie’s Garage is a goldmine.

Yeah I really think it is the fastest and best method overall.

Even without the 4 player glitch I average about one tubby every 3 or so runs in round 1 of the CSD, and at 3 minutes per run that’s roughly about 10 minutes per tubby.

There’s definitely a much increased chance for tubbies in the CSD to spawn, and it’s much more consistent than running the dust spiderants or arid nexus skags, and I have done these a lot too.

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I’ve been grinding legos with the +5% drop rate relic lately and it seems to help a lot. Has somebody done a math-lord analysis of this or am I to praise RNGesus?


That relic has no effect on Legendary drops. RNG has just been good to you.

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i found a lot in sanctuary hole at the first part.

I Don’t know why 3 horns valley I get a lot of skag Tubbies

The math (pre-drop rate update) is fully documented in one of the “Inside the Box” developer articles. I think I have it linked in my port/post on RNG. The way the thing works, it will mathematically increase your chance of getting a legendary by a very small amount; practically, though, you’re unlikely to see the difference anywhere except maybe in the number of green (and to some extent blue) items. You’ll always get runs of good luck, just as you’ll get runs of nada.

Here’s the RNG post I referenced with lots more details, courtesy of @HeyCarNut on the original GBX forums:

Wait, so after all this time people are still using this method? I thought that it would die out soon after being posted since the Handsome Collection hit, and I also assumed that there would be a hotfix to address it much like they attempted with LLM from Doctor’s Orders back with the first level cap. I recently got back into Borderlands 2 since I’d play it when I didn’t feel like hopping into Overwatch, and this farming method still works like a charm. The seven quick runs I did today resulted in three tubbies, the loot was a bit sad though with it being a Cracked Sash, slag Bunny, and an Unforgiven.

Natural Selection Annex if you have the DLC only got around 1 tubby every 3-4 rounds on single player difficulty.

I have had my best luck with the skags in the badlands (can’t remember the map name but it’s the one with Saturn). Pretty much all my legendary come came from there.