Whats the best purple grenade mod?

so someone just send me those grenades…

Preeetty sure these are fake right?
even though there are two diffent versions… I dont like to use modded gear.

but still… this made think… what ARE the best purple grenade mods you have seen?
in terms of numbers of explosions and most damage total? especailly on homing!
I really want to get back into grenades after all the nerfs with both zane and Moze, and I think purple homing nades might be the best option here right?

Unsure if it fake but the ordering from Homing to Bouncy seems legit. To me that the grenade I really need (not interested in Terror) for Moze since she can burst-heal due to bouncy mod.

I think Homing-MIRV-Mini MIRV-Transfusion is also good too

I heard:

  • cluster f*ck is torgue only
  • torgue can never be homing

so for these reasons both must be fake right?


I wish I can know more about that. I actually never know about Torgue homing thing. Hopefully someone has an answer to that

The best grenade I myself found so far is probably this one:


The second photo is definitely fake/modded. All homing grenades = Atlas

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I thought so, thanks!

Yep, I think the first one might also be fake but i’m not sure about that. Let us know if you find out one way or the other?

pretty sure it is, cluster f*ck should be torgue only. lets wait for confirmation

I believe mini-mirv is a torgue exclusive part roll(this gives the name cluster f*ck). Closest Atlas get is the divider mirv combo which creates the Cloning Maddening tracker.


sounds about right :slight_smile: thanks for clearing this up…

so would you think that Cloning Maddening tracker is the most explosions we can get?

I believe so for Atlas, although I haven’t looked at grenades much.

The Tracker you posted a few posts up I believe is about the ‘perfect’ tracker.


I agree thats about the best we’ve got so far -especially for moze+ vampyr; and also from my 1000+ scans of ammo dump machines ive never seen the 2 in the original post

The Manufacturer sets the delivery method for the grenade.

Torgue = explode when contacting enemy.
Atlas = Homing.
Hyperion = Longbow (teleports to destination)
Vladoff = Explodes on contact.

Check out the grenades in vending machines, you’ll pick it up quick enough :wink: .

Atlas get:

  • MIRV-Tacular (MIRV + MIRV which Mirvs into 6 end-stage grenades at once for 7 total explosions)
  • Recurring (Cloning + Mirv which splits into 2 then MIRVS into 6 for 6 end-stage grenades, 8 total explosions).
  • Maddening (MIRV + Bouncy for 3 end stage grenades and 10 explosions - doesn’t necessarily have Cloning on the front - cloning adds another 10 explosions).
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