Whats the best source for shift codes in your opinion?

I’m trying to find a real good source for shift codes. I’ve been using discord but im not too happy with. Most codes dont work for me and they seem to post more codes for BL2 and BL:TPS than they do for BL3.

So where do you get yours from? Please share.

I get my new ones here, but they expire so fast these day I usually miss them.



Geez i feel dumb. I never even thought to use twitter. Im an idiot lol. And the codes on discord expire super fast too. Most only last for like 10-12 hours.

I’m 56 years old but still get around in the interwebs . :slight_smile:

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ was a joke. I have a dry humor.

I’ve given up on shift codes for BL3. They expire too quickly for me to respond to.

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I also have a dry (borderline dark) sense of humor. Most of my jokes just bounce right off the average joe.

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Yeah i don’t think it matters much where you get them, they expire at an unreasonable rate. I use Orcz.com but i rarely even look anymore

Didn’t mean for that to be a link. This is more direct Keys


The codes are Expired in anywhere in 2 to 12 hours ,someone does not want anyone using shift codes for BL3 for the time being .

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Thats the way it feels.

I’d be fine if there were some that expired quickly, but really it just means that I’m not going to get any because I don’t sit on twitter all day long.

Just another thing I’m not excited about.

Well i guess we should all be thankfull they arent selling the keys/codes as microtransactions. So you know, could be worse. It can always be worse.

Just like @Raptchur my usual go to for key codes is orcz.com . With the limited time codes for BL3 I go with Randy Himself on Twitter.
Just like many other I complained about the “few hours” codes. Even made a rant thread about it. Now they’re ± 24hrs. Not great but at least workable.


5SCT3-ST69B-HWJW5-TTTB3-W5S6H gogogogo! lol

Yeah @Dr_Do-Little I think Randy’s twitter would be the best option. I just almost never get on twitter anymore.


Dude, ya just had to say “gogogogo” lol
Im a big movie buff and i hate when actors say that.
I challenge anyone to name an action movie that DOESN’T have someone say “Go!Go!Go!”

p.s. code didn’t work :frowning:

Hitman, Bond films, Equalizer… I’m sure one of those qualifies lol.

Sorry can’t make the code work though =S Better luck next time

I don’t even bother with them. It takes less time to run Proving Grounds then it does to enter 12 characters for a bunch of purple vendored shields.

Never gotten anything worthwhile

Fair point. Now that I think about it, I usually get pistols. Probably 75% of the time. Dont get me wrong, I like pistols and I use them a lot. But some variety would be nice.

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I get mine from either Randy or the official Borderlands account.

They can be useful for leveling up and that’s about it.
The game drops are pistol heavy and so is the gold chest. The few times I used it in BL2 was usually 5 or 10 keys at a time.
I used 2 “in play” in BL3 and got a legendary … pistols. 2 on the second occasion.
For statistiques purpose I used another one very early when someone mentioned seeing blue and white in it. Got all purples.

No they’re not useful. Its more economical to do proving grounds. You can join at low level & get geared up in one run.