What's the Best Taunt?

To me, obviously Ghalt “Man of Action”

Whiskey foxtrots tea ceremony I think it’s called


Love that one too.

  1. Ambra where she smacks her tush.
  2. Alani’s splash down where she throws her arms out and says: Boom!

Isic: Come at me bro!

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Reynas DBZ -Super Sayajin Taunt is ■■■■■■■ hillarious! Will master her just for that!

Shaynes mind blown is my favorite. And I love orendis hand puppet just for the crazy stuff she says when she does it

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I get to flip people off as Reyna.

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I got an Atticus taunt from a loot pack where he farts. Shame I don’t really use him haha.

Orendi’s eyeball poke! The way her other eye rolls back when she does it is great.

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Deande’s Levity taunt. Short and sweet.

raths first taunt that he gets.

its only good because its a 5 second long taunt.

i get killed every time i use it . but it feels so good to taunt my kill for such a long period of time.

Tea Ceremony by far. El Dragon’so pin is pretty cool though.

I am a fan of Benedicts (sp?) two chicken dances from Arrested Development

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