What's the best way to build Moze for later game content?

Yes. Otherwise, you’ll have to farm it all over again.

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I take it other classes don’t really have the option to dive right into M10…that is some serious bullet-sponge action in there (though, I suppose I don’t have any effective guns yet). Can all four classes eventually gear up enough to pull this off?

Once you get proper gear, all VH can cheese M10. I don’t think M10 is hard. The actual annoyance is the modifiers. When M2.0 was introduced, I jumped straight to M10 with all characters. It was hard for some to just jump right in (Zane and Moze) and for the others, not so hard (Fl4k and Amara) because of the tools they had at the moment. But once you get a good gun on M10, you can roll it with little to some challenges. That is my take anyway.

Now a days, I believe Moze is the easiest to jump to M10 because IB is so strong. Just spec into Bear stuff and slaughter to get the gear you need.


Interesting…so if I ran from level 50 to 65 with Moze, and made sure to keep a few good guns and shields every couple of levels, and twinked those to the others, they could have a quicker path to 65?

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Just about, yea. Do remember that anoints matter greatly. So know what build you are trying to run with the others so you can collect the right M10 gear for them.

I would say respec Moze and select skills that help IB last longer, have bulk, hit harder, etc. Run a Slaughter Shaft to reach max level and then go around hunting for gear, either another Slaughter run for world drops or hunt for specifics. Depending on how you want to play it, I think the best class mod for this is either Bear Trooper or Rocketeer.

I hadn’t even thought about annointments. Do you mean, once I hit 65, then I should give some thought to what build I like, and grab ones that go with it? Pretty much the whole game I built Moze around Iron Bear, just because it seemed like it played the way I like (the mech part). Should I be looking at other skills instead?

EDIT: This might be a silly question, but can I leave the Slaughter area between rounds, or do I have to complete all 5 of my current ones. I didn’t want it to reset, but I’d like to put some things in my vault.

Well I mean save guns along the way for your other VH so they can get decent help for leveling. But at max level, look for definitive guns for the builds you have in mind for them. As so not to clutter bank. I suppose it might be hard to do if you haven’t played much of the others to know what build you are aiming for.

Leaving the Slaughter are resets the mission, I believe. So you would start at round 1.

Okay, so I would need to complete the five rounds, then I can leave. Wasn’t sure.

Complete all rounds, turn it in, then leave for it to count as completed. I remember I forgot to turn it in and I got a mission failed.

Man, that was insane. I didn’t hit level 65 (made it to 57), but I did complete the five rounds. So, are there new levels of slaughter later, or just that one?

I also found a mod that extends IB duration by 50%, and in the lower part of the description it also says it increases heavy weapon damage by 35%. Do the IB rockets count as heavy damage?

Slaughter Arenas are 5 rounds. There are 3 different Slaughter Arenas. You can try others for variety, I suppose. I don’t believe IB weapons are considered Heavy but IB is an action skill so passives that increase Action Skill damage is nice.