What's the best way to get gear for starting UVHM?

Title says it all, I’m a gaige about to start UVHM and I was wondering the best way to get better guns and gear that are my level in UVHM. the best idea I have is farming tindersnowflake/the train but that seems pretty rough as my gear isn’t great. any better ideas?

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Gold keys for the platform you play on. Barring that how far over level 50 are you? If still in the low 50’s then your gear should still be good enough for Tinder Snowflake, although you might have to hide behind the elevator and cheese him with a Bee combo. If you’re 54+ then fight your way to Sanctuary where you have more options to buy better gear (and an on level Good Touch will help as well…).

Captain Scarlett DLC has a lot of great, easy to obtain gear through its quest rewards (both side and main). Let me know if you more questions in that area, which will also gear you up a bit for fighting Tinder to gear up there.

I’d just grab a lv. 50 Harold. If you can slag and have a decent shield, that should take care of most things.

Edit: from Savage Lee, of course.

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As @Carlton_Slayer suggested, fight your way to Sanctuary. If you go back to Claptrap’s from Liars Berg, you can farm Knuckledragger for a Hornet (easiest farm in the game IMO) which will help you get through Flynt’s crew. The mission rewards in Liars Berg will also help (even though they’re only green). If you want to hit the Golden Chest before you reach Sanctuary in UVHM, just load up in TVHM instead - the gear in the chest will always be your level.

The most important thing is to pick up at least one slag weapon. Quality/level doesn’t really matter since you only want to slag a target to make it easier to drop it.

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Very true, and the Harold will last for nearly 10 levels unlike most gear, but it does get a little old just crushing everything with it… It does allow you operate effectively though until you come across more interesting gear…As jhunter says, Look for adaptive shields and any type of slag grenade in vending machines or drops as those are always solid options. No need to farm much at L50 as you’ll out level everything but a few items (like the Harold) quickly.

Yep, they wanted to know what some of the ‘best’ are: Gaige + slag + Harold = death.

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What character are you playing as? Obviously the tips above are useful but some of the smarter people here might be able to offer class specific ideas?

If you happen to be Krieg then you don’t even need guns! :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a friend (or another character) who’s got Seraph crystals to spare. Bring them to TVHM, and hit the Seraph vendors for level 50 gear that you like. In TVHM, for example, they still sell Interfacers and some other weapons that are only available as drops in UVHM. Vendor farming is also way faster and easier if you’ve got a hardcore part preference. Remember that the Seraph vendors in different locations sell different things, so it’s worth checking them all. Your opinion on Seraph gear may vary (for a single rarity level, there’s a surprising amount of variety in terms of damage potential), but hitting UVHM with an on-level Antagonist, Florentine, Infection, and Seraphim (for example) would see you off in style.

At most I’ll grab a Harold and maybe a Hellfire and off I go. Sometimes I don’t even bother with them. I usually don’t linger in TVHM very long once UVHM is open.

Everyone Has Great advice. I usually suggest farming, but this has a upside and a downside, the upside is you can farm some great level 50 Gear in TVHM to start UVHM with, the downside this generates XP which will raise your level, along with the level of the mobs in UVHM.
Ihave farmed UVHM two ways just starting out,
1st way is to start UVHM, then if have Torgues CoC DLC, go through the first travel station start that DLC and push through till you have 1 or 2 Torgue machines open, then farm Tokens from NVHM (Very Low XP) farm machines in UVHM.
2nd, if you have most DLC’s or HH DLC’s a number of them have vending machines near the first spawn points, get to the first Travel station in UVHM and assuming you have a fair amount of money travel around these DLC’s buying gear from the machines.

another method is to find someone that has extra of your level gear and/or Money and trade with them

If you are Level 55 or Higher, then the chest in sanctuary in Normal or True mode is the better bet as as @VaultHunter101 says, it will give Gear at your level.

I don’t like farming until max level, but the Harold’s so quick and easy to get which is why I suggested it. (and very effective) I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 10-15 minutes trying to get one, though I’ll admit, when I’m leveling up like that I don’t care about the parts/prefix/level of the gun.


My objective in leveling to max as well as acquiring gear to help me along goes as follows:

What I would do in solo play. Is get myself through the story to Wildlife preserve and farm the legendary loot midgets repeatedly. You will level from XP as well as keep the loot on par with you as you level. UVHM scales with you as you gain levels. This was very effective, as well as fun. you get a large variety of loot from the LLM. May even get some pearls for your efforts. There is a chest in that room as well. I believe the mission to grab to unlock the LLM farm is “Doctors Orders”. Just be sure to not pick up any mission related items during your farm. It will lesson the chance of 4 LLM spawning on each run.

If starting from level 50. I would stay in TVHM and farm some RAID’s/mini boss’ for level 50 gear that would help me get to Wildlife Preserve. Knuckledragger was mentioned. that is a great item to help you in the wildlife preserve during the loaders dropping in on ya. :slight_smile: Another easy farm that was already mentioned is the Torgue DLC. just get yourself to a Torgue machine and farm that for a Harold. I strongly recommend getting a Harold as the LLM can be a pain to deal with at times. :sweat_smile:

There are several other creative ways. But I think what’s been mentioned is suffice. Happy farming! :wink:

Somehow I managed to reply to Adabiviak instead of the thread itself. REASONS!

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At the beginning of the game you have access to some of the best weapons for her and in the game. Theres the kerblaster, fastball, thunderball fists, unkempt harold, hornet, bonus package, hellfire, and more. You can get those very early on, and theyll get you through pretty much anything. Just look up the bosses that drop them and you’re set.

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Correct, and yes do not pick up the mission related echo’s. For me doing this I just make it a point to Pick up no Echo’s at all while in WEP, that way none are accidently picked up. And if you do pick one up, in most cases you can dashboard and keep the number at 4.

Ole’ Terra in NVHM is level 50 I believe, would be another worth farming (in TVHM also)


The Doctor’s Orders echoes are located:

  1. Immediately beside the entrance to the room up the pipe from the Skagg pen (the first area past the docks)
  2. Inside one of the four boxes in the LLM room
  3. Inside the safe behind the announcer bot once you get to the final building (where the final arena is)
  4. Inside one of the stalker cages in the same building, in the area before the elevator.

Note that the first two are the easiest to pick up accidentally - do NOT use “pick up all” anywhere near them (especially since the pick-up radius got increased!) Any other echoes are the Maya ones.

Correct, although any gear you find in chests along the way will only be level 30.

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I’ve found the easiest way to do this is by farming the 3 red chests in the first map of the Torgue DLC.
There is a video of the locations out there somewhere. If you don’t start any quests, the enemies in the main map won’t spawn.
Before the snowman dlc, I would use this at times all the way up to lvl 72 when desired.
Free loot, no bullets and nice relaxing background music. Win.

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Best shield right there!! Awesome.

thanks for all these tips! I’m by no means a new player, but I haven’t actually leveled a character up through UVHM in QUITE a while, and gaige can be a bit of a pain to get moving due to anarchy being so hard to stack.

I took advice and farmed the sanctuary gold chest. got some pretty great purples that let me go on to fight terra and get a shock pitchfork and a slayer of terra mod, which I’ve been using since.

this is my build, with the 1 point in preshrunk and fancy for the bonuses from the mod.

I’m using a dahl shock blaster e-tech assault rifle that shoots 3 bursts of 3 pellets which is great for headshots and then close enough proccing. also use a purple hyperion fire smg, the shock pitchfork, and fire hyperion splatgun. plus found a great adaptive and shock nova shield.

but question- savage lee isnt triggered by a quest is he? i haven’t seen him since I got to sanctuary so idk if thats just rng or me not picking his quest up

edit: this is what my intended final build is (with room to change), but i was wondering if electrical burn is any good? I know they changed a lot of her skills and their damage but i’m not sure if electrical burn is worth more than wires don’t talk or anything specific like that.

Savage Lee can spawn in one of three locations, so prob just bad RNG it’s not in the one near the fast travel for you. There’s a concise video on YouTube (probably others too) that shows where to find him.