What's the best way to level up in BL2?

I’ve returned to this game recently and after like 5-7 year break forgot everything. Now I’m playing as Gaige the Mechromancer. Are the Varkid pods (second evolution?) the best followed by the Pyro Pete bar when I get the Norfleet?

I’ve always liked to PL my characters vs the Ancient Dragons- tons of cash, eridium and one of the better shields in the game, as well as a chance for the random legendary. The Barroom Brawl isn’t a bad second place though…

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Ancient Dragons? Where can I find them?

They’re not bad - about 1000 XP in UVHM I believe. The best place to get them is in the Wam Bam Island Headhunter DLC - the first mission involves injecting pods. Just kill them instead and you have an infinite supply.

I find the mini-bosses to be the best source of XP : Slappy, Saturn, Boll, Savage Lee, Gettle & Mobley, Mick Zaford, Bunker, Assassins, TMNRats, etc. They give - on average - the same XP as a side-mission, plus they can drop some great purples, legendaries and uniques. Also the Warrior - a raid boss that fights like a mini-boss.

They’re the raid boss(es) at the end of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. They’re extremely tough to do on-level until you figure out the strategy.


do the torgue bar room brawl from 62-72 in 2 hours


If you had to ask then it’s probably not your best option. One of the toughest fight out there.

I’ll go with Mobly & Gettle or the BNK3R and add Tinder Snowflake from Marcus Mercenary Day and it’s train. Some people say Saturn but he’s a pain and don’t give much gear.

When I had to level up characters I just did the DLC’s or side-quests. Aim for those that involve lots of killing.


I don’t usually powerlevel but I think the best ways are

A) Farming Mick Zaford by leaving Lynchwood via train so when ever you save and quit he’s right next to you when you get back.

B) Farming the mutated Varkids during Hammerlocks mission by not picking up the quest items they drop except the first that prompts you to collect more. AFAIK they give pretty hefty EXP (way more than badasses).


Did some XP farming just yesterday (to get from 71 to 72) and a nice’n’ easy way is skag hunting in Arid Nexus Badlands. You should find a few rabids in each run, they’re worth some 5,000 XP each.

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This is a very efficient method! Best place to do it is in Caustic Caverns. If done in Tundra Express, the Legendary Idiot Mordecai will destroy 75% of the pods that you injected.


Only during a certain part of the story. Until Mordy is in Sanctuary I guess. Could be until end of story.
Just tried it with story done and I was good.

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