What's the best way to rank up Phoebe?

I really want to make Phoebe rank 15,but i don’t know how can i get character XP fast for her.

Move closer and hit things with your sword :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty, I don’t think there’s any concrete way of leveling any character up quickly, but I would take advantage of the double XP period we’re having atm and probably blast out some PvE sessions. That should at least make a sizable chunk in your goal

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Shameless plug: check out this thread here for some suggestions. It works for any character.

I got her from rank 10 to 15 in about a night thanks to dubble exp. That said i was playing incersion and sitting at the top of the leaderbord in my team every match. Each win got me about 1/3 of a level so thats how i did it.

How well you’re doing doesn’t matter. Just time spent.


EXP is calculated solely by time spent in game, it has nothing to do with performance.

So basically the fastest way is to spend time in game, with minimal queues in between.

Timing out the server in PvE gives you bulk EXP especially since its doubled at the moment.

Farm swarmers in PvE for as long as you can.