What's the big deal with Tiny Tina's cobra sniper rifle? I just got one

Hey I just got the cobra sniper while playing tourge’s DLC and i googled it and found out its really rare. Whats so good about it?

I’m willing to trade it for the bitch sub-machine gun and the ledgendary mechromancer class mod (both level 50-55) if you have them. Thanks.

GT Brendon Melling

Nothing actually damage wise is great about it post TVHM but in NVHM and TVHM where health scaling is pretty balanced it’s a good sniper rifle

Its even great in uvhm up to 72. I use it with zero and maya and wreck most enemies easily.

I don’t think it would fall into the top five most damaging sniper rifles in the game, but definitely in the top 10. That said, it is by no means a terrible weapon. It’s unique in that it’s one of the few Jakobs weapons with an “element” (explosive). Between this and the fact that it’s so rare is likely why people want one. I got a ton during the loot hunt, but I’d be lying if I said it was in my main loadout (I usually use it when I’m farting around with one-off builds/playstyles).

sounds to me like it’s a sniper with explosions, WHICH MAKES IT A BAZILLION TIMES MORE fu*!&€£en AWESOME THAN THOSE WIMPY PUNY non exploding byatch twigs. at least that’s what mr. torgue tools me.
ihh almost forgot


Ive got a level 50 legendary mech class mod and a level 50 bitch id trade. what level is the cobra?
My gt is xxbethsanityxx

Hey i already have these two items do you have any other ledgendarys to trade?

The sniper is level 50

Okay them nevermind, Im passed level 50 on all my characters but thanks