Whats the biggest possible shield?

i am currently on the quest to find the ultimate shield
now i dont actually know where to look for it
i have 2 possible candidates:
purple hyperion with 3x turtle
front loader with 2x turtle
i actually tend to the 3x turtle but i really cant say it
so if anyone has seen both of those shields yet, i would love to know which one gives more max shield when running a deathless build (that might influence the frontloader?)

Pretty sure that with no modifiers it’s the Front Loader.

However, once you start adding in modifiers/bonuses from skills, Guardian Rank, anointments, etc., this gets complicated fast.

See Here, for example. And that’s just Moze.

FWIW my optimal choice for pure tanking would be a Front Loader with the +8% health/17% damage resistance affix. At least with Moze. With other characters I rely on sources of sustain instead of keeping my shield up constantly.

Whatever the highest Max Capacity is on a Level 57 shield from the new DLC, take that number and add 60% to it. IF you’re playing as Zane, and have maxed out his 3 point skill that increases his shield’s max capacity by 10% per point, and IF you have a Class Mod for him that gives an additional 3 points to that skill, you’ll increase the shield’s maximum capacity by 60%. So every 1,000 shield HP becomes 1,600! :sunglasses:

And I’m not even taking into account any Artifacts that might also increase shield capacity, likewise with any shield anointments that might do so. So even without using his Barrier Shield Skill, he can become very tanky on his defense. :grin:

I really just wanna know which of these 2 shields got the higher capacity so I can focus on farming it xD

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argh, almost xD

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Or just hand it to a SoR Moze, even better if she has PD and has a trail of bandit parts in her wake.

From a certain point of view, the recharger is the bigger shield… Shield x 2

not with a 1 hp build :smiley:

Ahahah yes of course

Had a shield with some class mod combo that gave me about 32k in a shield. But left me with about 7k in health.

well, i have 1 hp and currently 94.300 shield :smiley:

HOLY SCHNIKES!!! :astonished:

What’d ya get, what’d ya get? :thinking:

see the picture above
and thats not even perfect yet

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I don’t know if you realize but +Health actually contributes more to your shield then +shield does because of the way the math works out when converting. Adaptive might actually be a pretty solid roll on there. But you can considerably raise your shield if you get +Max Health passives on com/artifact.


i understand the thing about her health reserving
but +40 -10 is still more than +10, isnt it?

I’m not saying Turtle isn’t good, just pointing out that adaptive is actually contributing to your shield. And the damage reduction is pretty nice, it’s one of my favorite shield parts. Also letting you know if you want to maximize your shield to look for +Max Health passives :slight_smile:

yea, i definitely have that on my screen
the +75% shield might also be a strong anoint but it would run with this one too

so, i hit the 100 : D
but still not done :stuck_out_tongue:

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I almost have 100K on FL4K.
I got a really nifty artifact that doubles shields.
(Just realized how late I am to this)

Those glorious 0% extra movement speed tho…