Whats the biggest possible shield?

Anywoo a triple capacity Madcap now is for sure the beefiest shield around. Im pretty sure with Phalanx doctrine moze can make it over 1 million if not more, starting from a 120k base shield no counting death less bonus on top of that


I have this shield at 52,869 with the artifact radiodead deathless and it increases shield 100% and takes all of ur Heath and puts it into shield increased recharge rate by 25% but delay by 20%. I love this cause it says what do we say to the god of death

In all my shield is 125,261


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Whoa, that is insane!

That’s the max I was able to achieve (circa 42 pd stacks here); on normal operation, you will stay around 1.4-6mln. PD stacks decade way too fast for keeping a shield consistently higher than that.

However, I am fairly confident that with cartel event active I could easily go over 2.5mln due to the increased amount of adds.

Madcap with triple turtle augment. Not sure what the value would be but I have several Madcaps with turle/capacity and they are around 118k, so I’d bet the highest would be something like 150k.