What's the crit meta build for fl4k?

Im running gb but i do feel like there’s little information about this char after the nerfs. crit builds are almost identical, but is there something stablished after lyuda/flakker/+ nerfs in regards to BIS weapons/abilities?

any weapon with call in its name is bis for crit builds.

Conference Call


Im sorry read your post wrong lol for gamma burst give it another go it can be really good. https://bl3skills.com/beastmaster/#5004301335002305050051300000000000000

This is the standard with many varients some go for green capstone or go into hunter tree for head count.

Shield wise https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Red_Suit

Stop gap is also pretty good shield. I prefer mendels for regen

Weapon wise
flakker still good lyudia I only ever use for bossin. I recommend a cryo lucian for cc.
Grenade -Hex rad or cryo is great for applying status effect use it all the time with gamma burst

Relic - atom balm is great for increasing rad damage and effects

Mod - red fang so pet can taunt while gamma burst is active or friend bot so pet can get second wind from your kills (should be a natural thing don’t know why its a mod) I recommend red fang.

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Rowan’s Call, Lucian’s Call are still great
The cutsman is still nice for annointed/things with a massive hp pool.
I like using the duc and switching and then switching to the unforgiven when the stickies are about to explode as well, you get some massive crits.
The Headsplosion is nice to use if you go more for a zer0 like playstile and stay back a bit further.
The Night hawkin always does great, even if it doesnt synergize that well with your skills.
The one pump chump is still fun to use, same with the hellwalker.

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I have had a lot of success with the Crossroads and also the Maggie.

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Quoted for truth

Oh, no no, I run GB. I switch between GB and FA, Ik Gamma Burst is a way to go, it’s very, very powerful rn. I’ve tested it numerous times in The Anvil, which to me is the most demanding mobbing zone with great success. Multivitamin is the greatest shield for the build in my opinion and i’ve tested a lot of them, altho mine is a bit different to get TPI. Btw, i think “who rescued who” is necessary on GB builds, i run 4/5 on that and the difference is noticeable.


Lucian’s Call is still the meta to me. I run Cryo Lucian’s on Fl4k and it rekt ■■■■. It also helps with armored enemies. Nerfs to Lucian’s aren’t that noticeable, it’s as great as before. I’m running a torgue purple shotgun with stickys to get rid of really annoying anointeds, powerful as always, and my new favourite weapon in Fl4k, the Maggie. It deals a lot of damage, get rid of shields and armours by itself… Damn, I just cleared 3 arenas in M3 TVHM using it (alongside other weapons).

Lyuda, even after the nerfs, is the best sniper and it explodes anything in the way too. I do agree OPC is fun and functional and you cant go wrong with night hawkin at nightime.

Another weapon that i’ve give a try and is exceptional is the Shredifier. I’ve a fire one and with neutral modifiers it destroys any anointed in seconds. Does ■■■■ against shield, but against anointeds they just drop.

This. Maggie is a new staple on Fl4k on my opinion. I’ve tested it in the hardest mobbing areas in the game and no matter against what, it works.

I WISH could get my hands on a fire shredifier! Either that or a dictator…

the anvil is most demanding? I thought that slaughter shaft was the most demanding at least thats where i go to put builds through the wringer.

Since you use FA megavore is a must have since the crit in FA is different from true crit if i remember correctly.

Hellwalker is a beast gun to use with or without crit build my fav gun in the game if you haven’t used it. Also Kings/Queens call are pretty good have been using it alot recently shadow of its former self but still puts down enemies like its nobody’s buisness.

Oh oc slaughter shaft is the most demanding, I was talking only about normal areas (non-arenas). The Anvil has a lot of anointeds and badasses, it’s my favourite non-arena area to test builds.

They’re crazy. Both of them. Dictator is way better close range but mid to long range Shredifier is the way to go in my experience.