What's the deal with everyone leaving on PVE?

Been playing Battleborn for a week, only doing PVE, and really enjoying it, but don’t understand why so many people are disconnecting before matches even begin. They usually leave at the character selection screen, especially on Advanced difficulty (it’s happened in the last 5 or 6 games with different people). I’m a good player, level 30, so I don’t understand what the deal is. Can’t find anyone to play with because of this.

It might be that a map they didn’t want to play was chosen.

Trust me, if advance Helio was chosen, I would highly consider leaving before the game started too…that thing takes about 1hr+ in Advance and the likelyhood you’d fail is high, the likelyhood you’d get nothing is also high.

THen there are Advance missions that are just too damn hard for newbies (single digit ranked players, or even teens/twenties) to play (Saboteur/Experiment/Sentinel etc) so if I get a team of low levels in a mission like that, I may also consider exiting before the mission starts to avoid frustration and wasting time.


i recommend adding players if you played a good match with them. premade teams are just better. you don’t happen to be on pc?


It used to be pretty common on PC to leave and then re-que if you only got say 2 people on a map and you wanted more. Of course that was when you were getting 5 people most of the time, not sure how common that is now.

I personally left all the time playing pve since I was trying to grind certain legends but doing them solo would be boring. If I stayed doing a map I had no legend I would want it would be a waste of my time

People really want to do lore or get legendaries and it’s a bit of a mess. What system are you on, perhaps I could help. I don’t quit XD

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I still soldier on, regardless.

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I have left queues for a few reasons… Only two players (prefer at least 3)… Just did the level in question and don’t feel like doing it again… Low CR rank players on advanced Heliophage (sorry, but so few know how to do it and not everyone uses mics or speaks English) or random low CR 5 persons on advanced Saboteur (same reason, on advanced Experiment I can at least shard steal and get the turrets up)., as others have said, when you get a mission and you enjoy playing it with another person or persons, toss them a congrats message and a friend request, I’ve met some great ppl that I’ve played PvE with that way. You can also check the Battleborn section of Discord to find ppl too.

Speaking of gear advancement on different level difficulties. Is there a difference? Meaning, increased chance of drops or different gear completely. I honestly don’t know.

I believe the drop rates are the same, but there are some pieces of gear which only drop in advanced. All normal mode gear can drop in advanced as well.


There is gear you can only get on advanced and you get more loot in general on advanced too.

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I used this one. Everytime I found something I didn’t have - I just crossed that item off in paint ^^.

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Some facts to help you understand this:

  1. Matchmaking gives neither time nor info to distinct vets from noobs, nor allow one to quit after unfavored map won voting - just snap and we’re in Character Select. That’s why it happnes there.
  2. There one can finally check your Command Rank to find out if you’re one of those freshmen jumping into deep water or just a regular challenger searching for tough coop experience (and loot).
  3. Story Missions on Advanced are no kindergarden, you need skilled players there to succeed. Therefore no sane ppl play most of them with noobs, as this’d be both painful experirnce and mandatory failure, and obvious loss of time.
  4. And as playerbase is so small here matchmaking takes ages, so loss of time hurts more.
  5. On top of that are ppl really into good loot - for that reason one may expect “leavers” in 2-3 player games. Simply low loot chance game are not woth of their time.
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