What's The Deal With MINAC?


I just had a ROUGH and LONG solo fight against MINAC with Brick in PT 1.

I was level 21.

He was 19.

I slowly slowly slowly killed the turrets (so many deaths) then slowly slowly slowly plinked down his Eye with a Sniper Rifle, But I must have gone into double digit deaths and it took a while.

Is it just a tedious fight, was I just impatient and careless, or is there an obvious strategy I’m not seeing?

Thanks in advance.

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Cuz early game Defilers are so common.

Despite doing some light chest farming along the way, I actually haven’t seen a single Legendary yet for this Brick, aside from the two he started with.

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Idk about normal mode, but the treasure room after Knoxx-trap is pretty good if you want to farm one.

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If you are overwhelmed by the fight you can just hide in the shed which is located in the north-east corner of the map, shed with some trash containers, and watch out for those suicide clapys. You can shoot from there without dying and restore your health. And yes caustic weapons are a big help but you can do it without them as well…

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Just went through that in Pt.2 with Roland, and those Divine Winds nailed my in the shed! The good news is that MINAC’s health does not reset if you die and respawn…

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I usually use an equalizer in corrosive or just a corrosive gun, works well for me.

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Can someone confirm that the passive farming that used to work on the previous generation no longer works? I set it up, left it for two hours and got no drops.

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I completed this just the other day, it does. RNG has just been especially evil to you.

Granted I did it in several sittings, over the course of a couple of days. Idling on mute while I watched a couple of movies.

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That sounds like you went to this DLC before completing actual BL playthrough - wonder if MINAC in Pt1 has the same health pool no matter what and at this level your guns simply don’t have enough damage. In other words, it probably would be easier if you were 33 and it was 31 or something like that.

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Yes, on my PT2 fight he went down soooo easily.


Literally exactly what happened.

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Yeah pick up and save any kind of corrosive weapon(s) you get before this fight, will make killing MINAC MUCH easier. Here’s a video that pretty much does what I do (except the guy wasn’t good at keeping an eye on exploding claptraps :slight_smile: ) :

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What is this Passive Farming to which you’re referring?!? :thinking:

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Disclaimer - I haven’t tried this in the remaster.

There is a little room in the far corner of the MINAC area where there’s a red chest and some pipes. If you open the chest then jump over it into the corner, crouch down, and wait, the explosive Claptraps can’t reach you. They will continually spawn and die, dropping their loot. Leave the game running, and make a quick loop around the arena picking up all the stuff every hour or so. There will be a big pile in the room with you, and smaller piles at various placed in the arena where MINAC runs over his own minions.

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It would’ve been nice if the video above your post had shown that area. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The thing to do to make this boss fight a hell of a lot easier, is to hide in the hut to your left and just use a corrosive sniper and snipe it’s eye until it’s dead. Do keep an eye on the exploding CL4P-TP’s aswell.

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I adopted a slightly different approach: running around screaming while shooting off as many corrosive rounds at the turrets as possible. You die a lot, but it’s faster than continually ducking back out of sight so you don’t get caught by splash damage from MINAC of those pesky Claptraps. To each their own!

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Don’t use brick lol. If you do…it helps I guess to always have revenge active before you take a shot. Without any crit/gun buffs otherwise you’re going to be pecking away for some time.

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While Brick may not have some of the damage buffs other character-classes have, there is no reason to avoid trying to kill MINAC using Brick (and, considering the Gift Shop and skill point available in each playthrough, every reason to do so). It’s simply a a matter of knowing what to do, and the information given in this thread will make the fight pretty easy for anyone.

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Indeed. I agree completely. I just wanted to make it public to anyone unaware that he is at a disadvantage.

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