What's the deal with recharging weapon shields? Bugged? Single use?

I have a bunch of weapons with shields that seem to work once, and then do not project any longer. Do they ever refill? Are they single-use one and done? Is it just a bug? Is there a trick to recharging them?

I thought they recharged upon reloading.

I tried that - nothing. They just don’t come on…

Is no one else having this problem?

I don’t really use Hyperion weapons in ADS mode very often so I’m not sure about shields.
Come to think of it…I hardly ever ADS, ha. Jakobs, Maliwan, and Atlas are pretty much all I use and they’re very accurate most of the time without having to resort to ADS.

It’s just a feature that I believe comes on as you crouch. It works once, but then not again after getting hit - even if it doesn’t completely drain…

O, you’re talking about the shields that project in front of you, reducing 20% damage. I thought you were talking about the small shield on Hyperion weapons.

Ya, those projection crouch shields are glitchy as all get out. Don’t use them currently. There are others in here that have mentioned this in other threads.

My weapon shields always just recharge after a short time has passed, just like regular shields.

I am talking about the weapon based shields…

You mentioned them coming on when you crouch, but that’s a special effect of certain shields rather than weapons. The weapon shields activate when you aim down the sight/scope.

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