What's the dealio with the Star Wars mod?

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Kinda quiet lately, huh?

I just finished The Mandalorian (which made me think that maybe SW isn’t as dumb as I thought), and I was kinda tossing around the idea of making a Star Wars compatibility mod. Does anybody know who really ‘owns’ it to get permission? I mean, Mickey owns it, but you know what I mean. I don’t want steal someone’s work and I’m pretty sure there was an old website where people were trying to get money for it or something like that.

Anybody know the history / contact person on this thing?


Warlords belongs to @EvilleJedi . There’s nothing wrong with starting a new one though. I’d imagine there are lots of publicly available SW models as well.

Ah okay. Cool, thanks for the info!

I think I should probably try to solve the memory issue with the Star Trek compatibility one first before I start something new. If you start a game with 5 races in the same game, then it crashes or the textures don’t load. So I guess it would be the same with a 5th SW race if that’s really the problem. On the lowest graphic settings the ST one totally works.

Or I was thinking about the Vaygr have a pact with the Empire, Hiigarans get the Rebel scum, Taiidan get the robot-guys , and Kushan get the clones. So each race just gets a few SW ships and maybe a couple jedi. But I’m still thinking about how the gameplay could be improved by it. That might just be the same as the current game with a couple SW ships floating around.

I’m just kinda thinking about it for right now anyway. Thanks again!

Whilst testing the Stargate mod hunting for a CTD on multiplayer I merged the mod’s 2 races with all the Homeworld default races. It also seemed to be unable to handle 5 or 6 unique races in a game at once. I assume due to the fact the game is 32bit and when it loads all the ships from each race at the beginning of the game all the textures exceed memory limits, rather than a hard-coded limit.

Good luck trying to get it to play nice though!

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That’s what I think too.

It seems like the game just stops loading stuff if it runs out of memory, and that the graphics memory and the memory that does the thinking for the game are lumped together.

If too many races were in the game with the graphics turned up, then sometimes I would get the error that a certain file couldn’t be found even though it was there.

By watching the AI really closely, I could also tell that the scripts to control the CPUs weren’t being followed if there were too many races.

Then there’s the white-ship problem which I know some other mods have had too.

There are still some things I can try out to solve it for Star Trek vs. Homeworld though:

I already used the LoadSharedModel line wherever I could in the last version of Goliath, and it really made it run better.

Then there are some really big FX that could be changed out, like there are some blue photons that are set up kinda dumb and use a lot of memory.

I also want to try to overwrite all of the HODs that aren’t actually used in the game with a really small file like the HOD from a tiny bit of salvage or maybe even a blank text file. It looks like every file from the whole game gets loaded at the start of the game, so maybe they could be overwritten with something itty-bitty when the compatibility mod gets loaded last.

The compatibility mod is already totally fun I think, but I’d really like to be able to put the random option back in for the races. I took it out so the player can avoid this problem, but I actually really like the beginning of the game where you have to figure out which race all of the players are to plan your strategy. :smiley: