What's the earliest encounter with a chubby?

Had the wierdest experience with a new Axton over the past 2 weeks. Savage Lee dropped a Harold, Doc gave me an Infinity and got chased by a Chubby Skag during the Pig Motel optional mission - all before level 10. The random gods were finally smiling.

What’s the earliest others have encountered a Chubby in the game.

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The earliest I’ve had a Chubby was when I was playing either with a friend or at the friend’s house. It was during the part where you have to set the Varkids on fire to wake Mordecai up.

I got one in Frostburn last night with my level 13 Zero. Earliest I have seen one so far

Today in the Fridge. Lvl 20 Zero during the mission Find Shorty found a chubby stalker.

My first legendary ever in BL2 was a WTF shield from a tubby skag in the same area as a matter of fact! Hah!

A level 17 chubby varkid in Caustic Caverns. Never seen them so early.