Whats the hardest character to use?

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Who in your opinion is the hardest character to use? And who is ghe easiest. I think gaige is the most difficult. And i would say either the siren or gunzerker are the easiest. Please elaborate your answers.

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Moved to a more appropriate section (although I can’t help feeling we’ve had this discussion before!)

I actually think melee Zer0 is the hardest to master; Gunzerker is n00b territory unless you go Deputy Sal build.

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This conversation has definitely been had before, although I don’t think I’ve ever put my 2 cents in. This question seems highly subjective. I’m sure we all experience this differently. It seems like the answer hinges on many player based variables. What kind of games have you played? (For me 3rd person platformers and puzzle based games); What is your playstyle normally? (Cautious, mostly); is this your first toon?; etc. I found Sal the hardest in NVHM and TVHM (I thought he would be easy and he turned out not to be in the beginning), Zer0 the most difficult levelling through TVHM and UVHM (the glass cannon effect). Axton felt the easiest in NVHM and TVHM (the turret helped alot), and Krieg felt the easiest in TVHM and UVHM (he doesn’t care much about specific gear). The rest all placed somewhere in the middle for me. I guess it depends on your expectations and what you’re looking for.

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Hardest to master is definitely melee zer0 or krieg. Sal is easy mode.

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Thread needs a poll!

I’d go with Zer0 too.

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Hardest to play

  • Axton
  • Maya
  • Gaige
  • Sal
  • Gun zero
  • Melee zero
  • Gun krieg
  • Melee krieg

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Easiest to play

  • Axton
  • Maya
  • Gaige
  • Sal
  • Gun zero
  • Melee zero
  • Gun krieg
  • Melee krieg

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Melee zero hands down.

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Melee Zer0 is the hardest obviously. I have never fought so hard with myself.

Maya is the easiest at all levels. Sal is only easy at the end.

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if deputy sal is orphan ladyfish, then it is same difficulty as grog herald if not easier… you one shot everything even the dragons. If you can hit all the pellets you can two money shot hyperius(its basically impossible consider how small his crit is, but this can give you an idea)

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I think specifically terra hide melee zero

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also, salvador needs item support. its not the easiest if you don’t have a grog. people new to the game doesn’t know about moxxi weapons, so maya should be the easiest because of cloud kill.


Outside of raiding/boss-like encounters or Rapier+Roid gameplay, melee Psycho can be made quite easy with some skilltree adjustments.

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Melee Zer0 separates the men from the boys.

I’m a boy, heh, but when everything comes together while playing melee Zer0 it is mooooost satisfying!

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This is very well put. I think Sal is kinda easy mode, but only at end game with sufficient gear. you can’t just take end game Sal and throw anything on him and it be easy. :wink:

I’m with @Jefe on this. Maya is easy at all levels. But, she’s also AWESOME! so, there’s that. :star_struck:

edit: I’d like to clarify that None of the characters are easy. You have to learn each of their strengths and weaknesses to truly shine with any of them. :innocent: that being said, Melee Zero is the toughest, and I’ll probably never attempt it. I struggle with Melee Krieg…I just don’t like the Melee play style.

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In my experience… and in order of difficulty

Zer0 : I started the game playing him as a sniper, i usually played snipers in most FPS. I kept playing him, saw my friend playing him when he asked for my assistance in a co-op situation (pre-DLC in the ore chasm arena) and he was using a melee build. Seeing him use it across the battlefield and flying around fascinated me. I played many characters in between then, but decided on zer0. Luckily I had some game experience and I feel that made melee zer0 my most euphoric and rewarding(but difficult) response to this game. I feel I have been challenged the most with this character during all stages and have been most successful as a result of the rewarding experience. I later saw the advantages of gun zer0, but they are not nearly as rewarding to me or as difficult.

Krieg : Eventually my friend tried krieg out after not enjoying melee zer0. I eventually switched to a playthrough with zer0 and saw a good synergy, oddly. We would switch between ranged and melee based on the other since we used the thumper which would hinder. I tried Krieg soonly after with another player and realized that his dynamics can change based on co-op and single player. His optimal playstyles are based on risk and reward due to the giant advantage of “silence the voices”. I take it no matter what in co-op due to obvious advantage of resurrection. He can be extremely difficult adapting to unfortunate rng if you want to OPTIMIZE him, but that makes it a guarantee on difficulty for me. His gun builds do not seem to have any optimal advantage unfortunately, unlike zer0. He does not exceed as well with zer0, and has a way lower skill ceiling, relying on timing his badass mode correctly or timing a bloodsplosion; more easily timed and corrected when an error occurs.

Gaige: She is extremely weird for difficulty to me. Her first two playthroughs are a breeze, no matter how you decide to build her. She starts similar to axton as you can rely on your action skill, even with its long delay. As you get further the delay becomes an issue and you are almost relied on to use CDR and extending skills (playing forcefully fast and non-strategically to force your skill to last longer… in a slower paced game with oddly placed spawns? its odd).
Her downfall for me and difficulty comes from the loss of all stacks on death. It creates a subconscious fear due to the potential of a giant time loss, but maybe that is part of the character.

Axton: Very similar attributes to gaige, but obviously without anarchy. He has some funner playstyles due to his grenade damage and auto-slag however. The whole electrical gimmick on gaige falls flat(in my opinion) the higher your level, so his skills seem to scale and function better. He is consistently average in all of my experiences. I unfortunately have never felt the need to change my build or gun style for him, and no matter how I play I feel an ease and safety due to the turrets final skills (minus the nuke) to be very friendly to any approach you wish. With support from the turrets(and some unfortunate wait time) I feel a lot of guns are a lot easier to use due to distraction and decent healing abilities.

Maya/Sal : I really hate to put two characters into one, but both of these characters are easier to pick up at very different levels, maya is static easier on all difficulties, sal takes a tiny bit.

Maya : To me, she is the easiest character to learn and master. Her skill tree pulls no gimmicks, giving you very obvious and powerful advantages. Most of her skills revolve around healing yourself or giving you a very clear advantage to the enemy without any time between (minus sweet release(and a couple others like wtf scorn weird effective skill), but depending on when its used advantageously within distance, it might as well be without consequence on time or taking damage). Almost anyone i’ve introduced to the game that is not familiar with FPS immediately attaches to Maya and performs adequately, understanding the game and not enjoying many other characters except for ones with lower starting skill ceilings. She has a lower skill ceiling for almost all builds, but has some fun rewarding builds i’ve seen (though most are unfortunately limited, even as fun as they are) .

Sal : Really?
You got like 10-20 hours based on your pace to go through the base game and half of tvhm, maybe have some normal troubles as other medium-hard builds… But then, every build except gimmicky ones are easy and basic as piss cake after a capstone-and-a-half. I love the little guy, but the skill required to play him at end game is reflective to the amount of skill it takes to make spaghetti.
I am not even going to provide details here. You have to intentionally limit yourself to not steamroll if you are competent.
(and have the internet)
(you’re reading this now so you have the internet)
(and know the dpuh and pimp etc exist)
(dont judge your non internet friends)
(ok its cool if you do, they cant read this)
(just make fun of them)

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LMAO! You got me there!

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The first one I truly gave up on because it was just to difficult for me was Zero. I enjoyed Krieg until UVHM. Gaige is one I’d still like to keep trying on that level. Maya has been the easiest for me so far, but I’m getting the sense that Sal (the last one I tried, and currently only level 18) will be able to chew this game to shreds. Based on that I would say @vultrex has nailed this pretty well.

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Why do so many people say Melee Zer0? Played one for quite a while. All you do is is dash around and OHK everything. Or spam bladed Grog/Rapier into faces of Badasses. And if you go down, you spam a Norfleet.
I guess you can’t really beat the Bunker with him and Warrior is also pretty hard.
Or are we talking about doing the full thing. Like OP8+all raid bosses? Vora with melee Zer0 sounds just impossible, not hard.

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Search, and you will find video of a Zer0 using Execute to take down Bunker.

There’s also the gear-less Zer0 playthrough series by @bew_ which starts here: