Whats the hardest character to use?

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Melee Zero vs Warrior from MOLMF

Melee Zero vs Bunker from Joltz

Melee zero vs Voracidous
OP8 from Boreshot

L72 from Striker

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I don’t farm Hyperious much but in the time that I did I’ve only gotten 1 Norfleet from him- it’s still one of the most notoriously rare drops to get. That being the case, if you are going to depend on a Norfleet to SW the minions in that fight you’d most likely reconsider doing it at all. Simply having the best or optimal equipment doesn’t guarantee success- you still need to have the skill to bring everything together to make him work…

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Krieg : Eventually my friend tried krieg out after not enjoying melee zer0. I eventually switched to a playthrough with zer0 and saw a good synergy, oddly. We would switch between ranged and melee based on the other since we used the thumper which would hinder. I tried Krieg soonly after with another player and realized that his dynamics can change based on co-op and single player. His optimal playstyles are based on risk and reward due to the giant advantage of “silence the voices”. I take it no matter what in co-op due to obvious advantage of resurrection. He can be extremely difficult adapting to unfortunate rng if you want to OPTIMIZE him, but that makes it a guarantee on difficulty for me. His gun builds do not seem to have any optimal advantage unfortunately, unlike zer0. He does not exceed as well with zer0, and has a way lower skill ceiling, relying on timing his badass mode correctly or timing a bloodsplosion; more easily timed and corrected when an error occurs.

Krieg’s gun or grenade builds (specifically Hellborn/Bloodlust setups) actually optimize better than his melee build at endgame for mobbing arenas.

Melee Krieg is substantially more powerful than both Hellborn Krieg and Melee Zer0 when it comes to raid bosses though.

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Hey Josta can you tell us why you think gun krieg is the hardest in your opinion? :grin:

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I agree. Kreig has so much survival and dps
I’m also curious why someone thought axton and gaige were the hardest

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The answer to these two questions is so simple that I’m surprised that it’s being asked and discussed in thread after thread. So, here’s the answer:

The hardest character is the one that you didn’t bother to learn properly, and vice versa!

It’s not that hard to get decent, or even good, if one takes the time to learn one or two things before rushing in. It’s also a bad idea to assume that you can play a character exactly the same way that you play another character.

The character that’s the hardest to master, according to the people who voted in the poll, seems to be Melee Zero.

Easiest to play… For me, the answer would be Maya, Sniper Zero and Gun Krieg. But that’s only because I took the time to learn enough about how to play them. The other characters don’t appeal to me the same way that these three do, so I never bothered much with them. And the result… I’m pretty bad on them, and I find some of them really hard to play.

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And from the shadows, the voice of reason speaks.

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I think that pretty much concludes this discussion :laughing:

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I’d still say that melee Zer0 might be the hardest to learn properly and has the smallest margin of error between you and death. If you miss with a Phaselock with Maya or sniper rifle shot from Zer0, you just fire again. If you miss an Execute with melee Zer0, you’re right up in some angry enemy’s face with no action skill on deck.

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This would explain why I’ve some problems with Gaige and Zero- I sometimes mistake them for Salvador :rofl:

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I hate to think of where one ends up if the attack comes from the back. :crazy_face:

But other than that, I think you’re right!

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Oh yes, are you ever. They don’t like it when you invade their personal space like that…

That made me laugh! But it’s also true - ever had one of those moments where you suddenly realise that you’re trying to play as if you’re a different character to the one actually on the screen? Even worse when switching between games - so frustrating not being able to boost jump and slam in BL2.

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I am forever a hair’s breadth from throwing my decoy while I’m playing…everyone.

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Phaselock, anyone? :upside_down_face: Especially when you let the enemies get reeeally close.

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Krieg I would say, definitely

Gaige with Hyperion (and lesser Jakobs, Maliwan, Dahl) weaponry is very easy to use, very strong.

Maya clearly is easiest


I voted gun Zer0 for hardest. Sniper specifically. Ammo management and CA stack upkeep are not easy at all.

Maya gets my vote for easiest.

I find it funny you ask for this but don’t do it yourself in your original post.


Hands down Melee Zer0. He’s hard to master and has a very high skill ceiling.
But when you reach that skill ceiling … you’re arguably the most overpowered character in the game. Although it’s nearly impossible to reach it unless you practice 12 hours/day.

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And play on PC :laughing:


Exactly ! :joy:

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