Whats the hardest character to use?


Wait what? Are you referring to Bloodsplosion instakills here or is there some secret tech I’m missing because as far as I know Hellfire Krieg is the only one capable of staying on his feet in most raids.

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Yeah, I’m referring to Bloodsplosion.

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Huh… Is this specifically for certain arenas? I find melee Krieg seamless and fast for general playthrough and mobbing in most areas.

I am generally a huge fan of general quick run-throughs and mobbing, though, zer0 and krieg are my fastest, about the same(zer0 usually faster) depending on mob spawn luck and my mood, so i am skeptical. If you mean JUST arenas… yeah, I can see another(a more focused and longer optimized) build working faster in smaller zones.

It is hard for certain arenas for melee Krieg. I have huge problems with the more evasive ranged enemies at certain points if they spawn in a spot I am in a bad spot for(Hey, his whole gimmick is mindless and situational melee). Yeah, having the option and close-to-enough damage(compared to redonkulous melee) would make sense for some range to come in to close that ‘wait-for-badass-to-reset-to-heal-at-low-health-cuz-of-healthgate’ gap in time that melee has.

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While not really difficult, I would say Zer0 overall.

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While melee zer0 requires a certain something to play, such as making sure you’re behind an enemy or having to strip your shield before a strike(and being punished cruelly if you don’t one hit KO your target) I voted the hardest character to play as gaige.
Personally, Gaige’s anarchy/close enough mechanics were so foreign to me in an FPS game that it required a huge learning curve. I’m the kinda player that likes to methodically pick apart enemies and take them down one by one, the weapons I enjoy are the ones I can most accurately score many critical hits with. Gaige is the antithesis to this playstyle, she does massive damage over a wide area with little hope of getting critical hits. It’s better to run straight into a horde of bandits than to keep your distance, especially if you don’t have great gear like a fibber.
Basically, I think Gaige is the hardest character to learn if you’re a long time FPS player. Since my first trial by fire with Gaige in UVHM, I’ve come to understand the character better and would now put her as my favorite, but all of those thrown controllers while fight bunker/bloodwing made her much more difficult for me than any other character.
Don’t think I need to give an explanation why Maya is easiest.


Hellborn isn’t really a Raid killer, Bloodlust is.

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Right now I would go with the crowd and say Melee Zero.
Hate that thing. Not a fan of Krieg either.
Not a fan of melee, point! Give me a good sniper rifle and some s’plosive!



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I found (sniper) Zer0 to be pretty difficult to play because he is very crit-based and my laptop isn’t really a gaming rig. I’d miss so many shots coming out of deception because of frame drops and such. I got used to it but it was a hard learning curve. Melee Zer0 (so far) has been kinder to me. I can tell I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s easier in some ways.

The other character I’ve put significant time into is Maya, and I wouldn’t say she’s “easy” - the game can still be very difficult. Her combat loop and skills are easy to pick up though - there’s no real preparation or stacking skills, so in that sense she’s simple. Because of that, the main story game stays at a pretty even difficulty for her. But some of her main skills can’t really come in play in raiding, so solo endeavors are very difficult and there’s no “shortcuts” (for lack of a better term) to make. Not that maintaining CA or Anarchy stacks are easy, or shortcuts, but with a few of the characters there are ways to crank up damage output with preparation, or otherwise increase damage output the longer the battle goes. Maya is pick-up-and-go, and simple doesn’t always mean easy.

Reaper is amazing for mobbing, but it’s quite a heartbreaker for raid bosses. You think you’re getting it done, and then “halfway” through, you bog down. Right around the time Terry’s tentacle masher phase gets warmed up. Lol

Cloud Kill… Eh, it’s definitely got me out of FFYL many times without me having to fire more than a shot, but otherwise I feel I played as if it didn’t exist and a lot of times I just wouldn’t take it anyway. Smart play and good gear makes it superfluous. And heck, in a world of grog nozzle, Harold, and norfleet, cloud kill is just another thing. She’s amazing (and amazingly fun) at mobbing and cloud kill honestly takes some of the fun out of it. I guess that’s sort of the definition of “easy”, but, like I said earlier, the parts of the game that are difficult for her aren’t really affected by it, especially at end game, so I don’t feel like it changes the conversation much.

These two are the only characters I have any personal perspective on, so… shrug