What's the highest Gear Score for an item?

I thought it was 600, then I found this at Earl’s vending machine:

What exactly affects the gear score of dropped gear? Is it like Destiny where you need to raise your own score to see better drops?

highest i’ve seen is a 621 annointed lucians call

Seems like score is affected by level, rarity, parts, and unique attributes. Looks to just be a rough indicator of whether an item is good, once you get used to scores on particular items you can decide to drop/sell farmed gear based on score without having to compare parts and stats. QoL


i have seen several 611’s from crazy earl vending machine , believe i also saw once a 617 and another time a 621, i did not buy them because annoints and weapon manf wasn’t one i like using like COV or maliwan

I have a few 611 items, but they are all anointed epics. Highest anointed legendary item I have is 596

screenshot of a 631 epic in a previous post: Highest item score


just based on that you’d be looking at an anointed (specific class not general) alongside containing a sight, stock, grip of a certain type based around whatever score optimizes for. To me that looks like a lot of Dahl parts but I’m sure there’s someone that knows better.

621 woodblocker, Lucians, and a few other for me

621 only because they are anointed

All but the woodblocker got deleted from my bank

I assume you were talking about my post in the other thread that @sewers had mentioned.

My friend sent me a clip of him going through the parts. It’s not on the web but if you really want I can post it somewhere. He also showed off that purple rarity Maliwan sniper I mentioned in my OP of that thread which had a score of 621.

But yea, as it stands 631 is the highest I’ve seen. What’s funny is he didn’t even know how important that was, when I saw it I’m like “dude you’re gonna break the internet with that”. He doesn’t even play that much.

please post it yeah. I’m not great at spotting the spots just yet. Like I said looks like they’re weighing Dahl heavily on score

could be. the more parts, the higher the score