What's the highest score you've gotten on the DLC?

I usually average about 70k with average characters, but had a high score of 82k with ernest pretty early on. I just shattered both with ISIC where I got 102,000 final score and I don’t think I’m going to beat that any time soon.

Has anyone beaten that?

edit: yep, I was solo… haven’t done much multiplayer


114k, 2P

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130.000 but it bugged and gave me 0 (is that even a bug or a penalty for something?). 117.000 is my “official” score. 3 people party with 100 ops points

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Did you get the diamond/platinum medal? I’ve heard reports and seen screenshots of people getting it during the op, my theory is that it happens in a 3P match, I’ve gotten higher scores than some of the ones I’ve seen but only gold, with 2P.

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Highest score was 117K but glitched so got 0. :’( Did get the title for 100 OP points but didn’t register in my command sadly enough.

Shane…Boomerangs baby!


I think it was a glitch or wasn’t intended and got fixed fast.

He got platinum solo:

I know it was happening early on, it was something that was in beta but was supposed to have been removed though some people were still getting it shortly after release. I wish they had kept it in to be honest, sometimes you just blow the gold away and you know you’ve hit what the threshold would have been for diamond/platinum.

I got 116 500 and the platinum.

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