What's the hurry? a.k.a. Too much rushers

Well I first paid attention to this in the Pre-Sequel but from what I remember it wasn’t rare in BL2 either so decided to post this here.

Basically, why is there so many rushers? Even when I tell someone to stop and and wait a second they just keep going forward, sometimes even if rest of the team is fighting and could use help. I can’t even count how many people I have kicked over this. Not that I’m that annoyed; unlike loot ninjas and side mission spammers these guys don’t cause any serious damage. I’m just a bit curious, since you’d think anyone with some common sense would listen that guy who can kick you whenever he wants.

Not to hijack your thread, besides the rushers I also noticed a lot of newbies in rush to power level from normal to 72. Why the rush and not play the first and second playthrough at the very least.

Anyway, you should set the rules of the game if you’re hosting and have every right to kick anyone who doesn’t comply. At least that’s just my opinion.


I’m playing through with my brother at the moment. He’s a first-timer and he always tries to rush everywhere. He’s a Destiny guru and tries to play BL the same way. I’m slowly educating him to slow down and take more in. After all, the BL universe is much much bigger than what he’s used to in Destiny.

Agreed. I always prefer to take my time with a game, explore the surrounding areas for secrets. You never know what you might find.

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It’s funny, I was the same…in Borderlands 1. I’ve found no end of hidden chests in that game, and every one was a nice surprise.

Borderlands 2…I’m in UVHM and there’s STILL places I haven’t bothered going and side missions I’ve never done.

Yep, tried hosting a little during normal mode. Lasted all of about 10 minutes. Kid joined right when I first got to Frostburn Canyon; I always take a left at the fork when I first arrive to loop around and check the 2 big red chests, look for tubbies and midgets, etc. Not to mention I just started this character, so they don’t have the map filled in either. He has a mic, I tell him what I’m doing, but it doesn’t matter. I finish that part and drop down in front of the fast travel, he’s already at the end and had not killed or looted a single thing. He tells me to go ahead and “kill myself so I can warp ahead” Poof, just like that, gone. If you want to be an Olympic sprinter, then by all means, go ahead. But, do it in your own lobby.

Witnessed the same thing a couple of times. I think it’s something to do with reduced attention span - if there aren’t lots of explosions happening across the screen, it’s B-O-R-I-N-G. Drives me nuts. To make it worse, some of those randoms don’t even pay attention to the current mission status. It said “Kill Bullymongs with grenades”, not guns or runners…

Edit: Spelling, and I don’t even have autocorrect :frowning:

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Like I said, there’s no need to lose sleep over rushers, just kick them! Tough the ones messing with mission objectives, yeah they’re troublesome. Guess you’ll just have to make it clear what you want and kick them if they even try to mess it up. Tell them to stay a long way back if it’s needed.

They want to power level.

Then they whine the game is too hard.

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I think I’ve only played with randoms where they weren’t all Leeroy Jenkins like twice… good to know it’s not just me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… just not in my house :blush:

I honestly have no idea. To me, playing the game in it’s entirety is fun. If it’s not, that game does not have longevity if too many parts are considered “not fun”. Leveling up is part of the fun as it’s an RPG, shooting enemies in a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER should be fun. Finding and earning cool loot is fun.

Being power leveled, avoiding most enemies, and being handed loot by other people is not fun. Plus, then you’ll just be under leveled if you run past everything, which is fine if you want a challenge. But if the host is playing at a normal speed, everyone should be going at a normal speed. As for why they don’t listen, a surprising amount of people can’t handle being asked to comply over the simplest of things.

Which then begs the question, if you fall in to the second camp, why are you playing the game in the first place? I’m sure there’s another game out there where the base game is more in line with what you are looking for.

Irritating at times, but not all Leroy’s are bad, if they plan on still fighting (just without a plan).

Running up the entire cliff face to the Bunker and ignoring all enemies and potential loot midgets…yeah I don’t like those people.

Especially after i finally started solo-ing (rather than co-oping) the Borderlands games with BL1 back around the new year, it really made me even further realize that the Borderlands games are all about the details; everything is so gorgeously drawn and detailed, hidden chests abound, funny graffiti and obscure messages abound, map/level specific challenges to be done to promote map exploring, finding sidequests, etc.

I’ve played with plenty of those rushers myself over the years; oftentimes, even the HOST of a game will rush, then give you s**t for not rushing with them.

It seemed to happen the most in Frostburn Canyon and the ice fields on the way to Sanctuary, but I’ve seen it happen in every level.

Same reason why I still play it almost three plus years after. I did solo for two years grinding everything w/ zero. I paid attention to details like grafitti, signs, posters, dialogues, features of each location and such among other things. I got to know the game and up to a point, what to expect in certain situations. It was a lot of fun.

Then coop w/ friends and finally starting new toons after trying most if not all builds I could find for zero. Then coop with random players from the old forum and now its a mix of both but I do most of my farming solo and play coop mostly to help other players get through their respective playthroughs. You gotta love this game for its depth and the many ways you can enjoy it over and over.

Pretty soon I might try a brand loyalty game w/ a new toon or white loot only or whatever comes to mind. Anyhow, my advice to rushers take your time (w/thin reason of course) especially when playing coop not only for the enjoyment but in consideration of the others with you.