What's the interaction between life tap and moxxi's weapons healing passive?

I can’t seem to find any answers in google and I am kind curious about the math…How many points should I invest in it?I dont plan on leveling scorn cause my playstyle is very fast and it won’t suit me despite being a great skill.Also I use magic missiles a lot that I can’t replace.Between suspension and inertia which skill is better to spend my last 5 points(already got 5 on life tap).Do you ever replace Grog nozzle on op levels?

In the OP levels, Life Tap is powerful to the point you don’t even need a Grog, sans raid bosses. Put a better weapon in that slot.


Yeah I just read also that in op8 you dont even need to invest 5 skills on life tap because weapons do so much damage.I guess for now I ll keep my 5 points there.

What’s very cool is Life Tap’s interaction with Blight Phoenix, Cloud Kill and Kinetic Reflection. For close range combat this makes BP worth it. You just have be aware that at more than 1 point (or so?) it will blow up barrels and fuel tanks.

Bear in mind that it’s a kill skill so effectively useless against raids ( as stated above ).

I got only 1 level because of the stun…I read somewhere that 1 point is worth investing for that reason.

You can use BL2skills.com to show us your full spec. Yes, at higher OP levels Life Tap will work fine at 2 or 3 out of 5. Even with a Moxxi weapon it’s a great skill. Unless you are running a Binder/Subsequence setup, most people grab Life Tap.

They’re both really good! If you have a shield with long delay and/or low capacity, then Inertia is your best option. If you run with the Bee, it’s almost a mandatory skill at OP levels. But I’m guessing you have access to some of the other shields too, right? So, Suspension will probably benefit you more in the long run. It’s a skill that has great synergy with a lot of other really great skills.

One or two is all you need.

Maya’s healing skills are more than enough to keep her alive, unless you have really crappy gear. With a good shield and guns that can take down enemies swiftly, the only time you’ll ever need the Grog is against raids and certain enemies in the Peak.

Damn I just got a pearl weapon called Bearcat in Vault of warrior chest.Seems crappy…Have you tried it?

The bearcat is one of the worst guns in the game. Either sell it, or keep it for a Pearl collection. Just don’t use it.

Let’s just say it’s a niche weapon that requires some exploration. There are at least two forum members that love it. That’s a pretty small number though.


Lol I got Tunguska as well right now…I am farming this chest the past 30 minutes and already got 2 pearls and 2 legendary mods(on same chest) and a legendary grenade…


You just got 3 of the … “least desirable” items in the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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xaxaxa I cant believe how bad this launcher is…What were they thinking…I am so mad because I only want is a new Hyperion plasma gun not these stupid pearls…At least yesterday i got my first pearl on marcus mercenary a purging stalker Vladof pistol…

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Not for suicide runs…:smiley:

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At least warrior now dropped me a Sawbar so I am happy for today!3 pearls in 1.5 hours!

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Now that’s a gun

It was on a cliff thank god I saw it! http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/81466992421187691/7D0F04E2ADC8E918983E0C97E04E344F179D330E/

I would like to disagree… The Tunguska isn’t a bad launcher. It’s true that it’s responsible for a high number of self inflicted deaths, but that’s just because we’re idiots from time to time. It’s when we try to use it as a close range weapon that things go bad, but that could be said about any of the launchers.

It is extremely hard to aim even at long distances.The way it shoots makes no sense it is as if Gearbox was kinda trolling when making it.I might be wrong I dunno.

And I suppose that guns like Pimpernel, Sandhawk, Interfacer make perfect sense? :smile:

Some guns are just harder to use, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. All the uniques have something that makes them unique. In this case, I’d bet that it’s a reference to the Tunguska event. Something very powerful with a huge blast radius.

…or it could be from the X-files, but my money is on the first one.

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