What's the interaction between life tap and moxxi's weapons healing passive?

This is really the thing with BL2 : it’s mostly full of point and shoot guns from white to purple ( and even orange ). Then you get the red text items where in some cases where you get past the learning curve ( including how to not kill yourself ) they’re the the most powerful items in the game.

Then you have so many others that still require a massive learning curve and you’re left with a usable but sub-par item.

Some find this a cool part of the BL2 cosmic joke - like me. To others it’s an unnecessary speed bump.

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Yeah, I kinda like the Tunguska. Obviously it’s not as strong as a Norfleet or as useful/efficient as a Topneaa (my favorite launcher overall), but I like to play around with it sometimes when I know I can hit some grouped up mobs from a safe distance.

Never said something about pimpernel I was talking about the launcher bouncing back to the wielder .Yeah ofc you shouldnt be even in regular distance but even if you aim very far the laucher does a curve and bounces back.It just makes no sense when you are suppose to use it.What a waste.Tbh pearls are pretty bad after seeing most of them in wiki there are unique rares that are far superior than them

True in most cases, but there are exceptions. Bekah, Butcher, Stinger are all very good. Bekah is actually one of the best guns in the game.


Yeah I am not familiar so I value your opinion!I reached OP3 now.I farm Mercenary day every 2 levels for some plasma smgs.It is pretty easy tbh I could do op3 with 71 gear in my opinion as I did Gaige but with the broken ricochet Fibber.(that thing btw is so overpowerful on her…)

May I ask one more thing?Does Scorn benefit from mind’s eye damage boost as it is considered a melee attack?

I will defer to others - I don’t generally use it and I definitely don’t know how it functions beyond the basics.

I can’t say that I know the answer to that question. I’ve never even thought about it. But even if it does, the damage that scorn does is very small, so don’t expect to kill enemies with it. :slight_smile: The only skill that I’m convinced that it actually benefits from is Flicker. Don’t ask me to prove it, coz I can’t. But thousands of hours on Maya has convinced me of this.

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