What's The Math Behind 'A Billion Guns'?

Ok, so I’m notoriously bad with “numbers” and “maths”, but I’m curious…for those of you with math-y minds…is there any way to figure out the formula for the “billion guns”?

Is it just a matter of multiplying the number of manufacturers by the number of parts possible in each weapon?

I guess there’d be different parts for Legendary / Unique / Anointed weapons?

I’m sure there’s probably a lot more variables involved than I realize.

Does anyone have any idea of the numbers involved?

Thanks in advance, folks!

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I don’t know the formula but I can tell you they are a lot more than a billion dude :slight_smile: Gearbox confirmed it for BL3.

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Lol they confirmed co op play but it’s more like co op photo mode for some of us… Don’t take their promotional hype at face value


Promotional hype LYYYYFFFEEEEE!!!



Gun all have a serie of attachement (you can look up what attachements you rolled with your gun by pressing F in the inventory, it’s the last tab).

Different mathematical combinaison possible for each Corporation/type of gun rack an impressive number of “potential” gun.

BUT it’s pointless as ■■■■ in different ways :

  • Legendary are more tighly roll with only a few minor possible changes, and once you hit max level you’ll sooner or later only use legendaries
  • Most differences only impact slightly the stats of the gun, and don’t really make you feel like the gun is any different
  • You end up only playing a few archetype of gun that are the only remotely good, making each shotgun/pistol and the such by manufacturer having only a few meaningfull archetype, + some min-max chance on the rolls


I get all that.

I’ve cynically lamented with many people about how, in any given Borderlands game, sure, there are tons of POSSIBLE guns, but less than 100-ish (probably) actual good, use-worthy, guns.

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If you have 9 independent attributes with 10 different values or more each (probably more like 50, btw), bingo, a million or more!

I don’t expect a billion attribute though, hahah! :wink:

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It’s just a marketing gimmick honestly. I mean they count guns with a few points off in damage, or accuracy, etc as a new gun as well.


all i know is that it’s a bigass number lol

but i don’t take it literal, even if there’s a billion different guns, you quickly start to recognize each type of guns. they just have a different scope or magazine and elements.

i’ve found 2 guns i never seen before today though ! so that’s kinda exciting.

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yes. simply this. Lets say we have 500 different guns across all colors with 10 parts each the number then will be: 976.562.500.‬

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Ohhhh what were they?



Love those Mecha-Organic Alien guns.


Yes, you look at one manufacturer, take the number of possible parts in each slot (barrels, stocks, etc), multiply 'em all together, do this for each manufacturer, and add the results.
I reckon they got “over a billion” by counting the different level guns too (i.e. if two guns have the exact same parts, but one is level 49, and the other is level 50, they probably counted that as two). Once you do that, the amount of unique guns is a drop in the ocean.

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It’s the number of total possible combinations of weapon parts and annointed perks for each manufacturers weapons as far as I know.

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from a video i saw borderlands 2 had roughly 157,390,706 possible weapon combinations. Granted how old that game is and it has half the amount of legendary guns as #3, and all the new effects like turret guns and duel function weapons, I’d say four times that number would still be an underestimate.

It’s too new but someone cracking into the game files could find all the perks and such that could be applied to every weapon and get the exact number of gun combinations if they wanted.

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Despite being terrible at math, I would still be very interested to know that number!

Some of you are forgetting a very important part of the math.

Take all of your guns, and multiply by 50 levels. Remember, the same gun configuration can come in level 1 or level 50, or any level in between. So take the total number of guns combinations, and then multiply that by 50.

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mind explodes


Billion guns my rear end.

You know how many times you see the almost 100% identical gun over and over? Maybe they meant a billion parts combinations, but there certainly ain’t no “billion” different guns.

There are entirely too many Jakob’s pistols that the only difference is the part that comes before the actual gun model. The same old Dahl AR just with different firing modes. Wow…this one is auto with a ■■■■ fire rate…wow this one is identical to that one, but has 4 round burst and semi.

The same old Torque shotgun.

Billion guns. classic. Billions and hardly any good red text blues which can be more fun that red text legs.

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