What's the max "Guardian Rank" please, my tokens got bugged!

So I randomly gained 215 points out of nowhere, used them, now I’m -215!!!

I’ve noticed a few other reports of negatives on the forums and on Google!


the negatives serves a purpose like recharge delay mine is 01.89 % meaning less of a delay on ur shield charge negative means shield will recharge faster, recoil reduction means if its in the negative ur gun wont recoil as much or jump around when you shoot u want those in the negatives negative reload speed means how fast u reload ur gun stuff like that as far as rank cap im not sure

How is this even related to what I’ve asked…Did you read my thread?

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He’s not talking about the percentages on the various stats, but rather the actual number of Guardian Ranks/Tokens.

And about that, I’d read something about it happening when you gain ranks offline and then go online… or was it the other way around? It didn’t seem like it was pertinent to me so I didn’t dig deeper. There was a thread or two around here somewhere…

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Don’t fret about it, this bug is in your favor.

There is a bug where you sometimes gain a lot of guardian rank without actuall having earned them while playing solo/offline. The game usually catch up to it, and instead of taking them of, which would be complex, they set you at a negative level so you have to catch up the missing EXP point.

In short, you got a 0% interest loan of EXP that you’ll pay back at your own rythm.

205 rank is a lot though, might take a while