What's the most annoying mistake you keep making?

(Compulsive Reloader) #1

Many of us (most) have been playing for years. Playing that long does not keep you from making mistakes every now and again, and some are chronic.
What’s the mistake you make that you keep making, and driving yourself crazy?

For me it’s forgetting about the death grenade a suicide psycho drops after you kill 'em.
Many many times (again, today) I’ll be running around a mob scene , usually in Southpaw, kill a suicider, and of course run right over his last will and testament grenade, damaging myself or even going into FFYL.
I say it to myself every time don’t run across the grenade and forget 50% of the time. Irritating, I just won’t learn.
What’s yours?

(Carlton Slayer) #2

ADS and forgetting to check where all of the other red dots are…


Does fumble fingers count? That’s me.

(Yeti, deconstructed in 3 courses.) #4

The answer, my friend,
depends on which,
Toon I am playing at the time.

As Gaige it’s early reloads, which happens a bunch as I play a reload heavy Axton as well. With most other toons it’s action skill timing. Too early, too late, both are bad and always immediately apparent and avoidable. Or getting them mixed up entirely. Tossing a turret and expecting an enemy to be Phaselocked, or Rampaging with Krieg and wondering where your dual guns are. But I’m a dumbass. And barrels. At least once a session to barrels.

(Compulsive Reloader) #5

Oh yeah. On a controller I don’t do that often, but keyboard/mouse sometimes my fingers get very confused.

(Compulsive Reloader) #6

Hear hear to that. And the brain lock that happens for a second or two when it happens.

(Dusten3781) #7

Accidentally melee attacking while trying to rocket jump with Sal, also killing myself with Tediore reloads when trying to open chests.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #8

it is really annoying running out of ammo on the Harold when you are health gating. Then I will be confuse on what to do to get abive health gate, Should I wait for the harold to reload? should I switch to grog and spam some shots? or should I throw chain while in my grog.

Next thing I know, I am in FFYL.

(Compulsive Reloader) #9

Yeah, kinda like my other bad habit: Thinking I’m in a dialog when I’m really just looking at, say, an item card.
Press (whatever button) to dismiss it, it’s NOT a dialog so that throws a grenade, zero fuse time bonus package kills me.

(Compulsive Reloader) #10

Another classic brain lock, gets us all…

(chris) #11

Forgetting that I don’t have the sham on, shooting the ground w/Logan’s gun and then killing myself, b/c I had the bee on. Low level logan’s and high level bee will kill you.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #12

This was a funny thread to scroll thru. liked all posts. and I do most of them too. it’s funny cause it’s true. :smile:

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve fired up BL2 after playing the original and Phasewalking just doesn’t work in BL2. lol

(I ate the skag that ate my homework) #13

Forgetting to pick up Hammerlock’s damn arm after killing Old Slappy or forgetting to pick up the download in the Hyperion Info Stockade. The joy one feels when you go to turn tne mission in, and… :unamused:

(Compulsive Reloader) #14

Hear Hear! All the two-stage completions drive me nuts often. Hammerlock is the worst (though he doesn’t do any of that silliness in his own DLC), but there are others.

I cannot count how many times I put in the darned new power core on the first visit to Sanctuary and ran to the gate to get the un-skippable intros out fo the way, only to once again have to backtrack to talk to Lt. Davis. Always kinda glad he gets vaporized during Rising Action.

(spectacularly mediocre) #15

Disabling mouse chording before I start the game. Makes mess of trying to ADS or using right button in general.

(TX383) #16

Picking up a dropped weapon with a full backpack… while standing near a cliff. Buh-bye my legendary…

(Compulsive Reloader) #17

Ow ow ow! I empathize for your loss…

(Cast Iron Chef) #18

(p-star7) #19

Opening a bunch of lockers to get ammo and switching your weapon with a white weapon because you thought it was ammo and trying to do rocket jump with a bee shield on. Also grenade jumping with a fastball doesn’t work

(superzi12345) #20

Reloading the Javeelin with Krieg right into my feet. That happens every single time I play Javeelineer Krieg.
Second thing. I ALWAYS misjudge the melee timing when it comes to trigger FtB AND RR actually gets the kill more often than I want.
With melee zero, if I use the Hide, sometimes I will try to kill the enemy already killed by the Hide’s nova, so silly. Or even more stupid, switching between Hide and Thumper, throwing chain lightnings with a shock bone on. Or executing into my own Kunais, always the last second of course. Barrels all the way. Gotta work on that. Melee zero.might be one.of my favourite builds yet one of the builds I am worst at. I can do INSANE chains, cool stuffs, all.I want, but anytime I die in silly manners :frowning: