What's the most "BORING" tree you had to level up

By that I mean…there are some skills that are just boring to level up. Though you have too, their the only skills that are kinda better then the others and you need to 5/5 it in order to move on in the tree.

For me this one is simple…he’s my favorite character but my god I hate leveling up Axton’s Grenadier It’s a nice skill don’t get me wrong but…it’s sooo boring to level up. It does nothing for me but just up my grenades, not even like a damage boost it just gives me more.

I know you don’t HAVE to level up his Guerilla tree first but I just hate how underpowered my turret feels if I level up anything else. I guess I could level up Onslaught over Grenadier but I just hate Kill Skill stuff lol.

Probably blood filled guns for Krieg. Sure it increases the mag size, but it’s kinda lackluster on its own. Pair it with his other Bloodlust skills and it becomes a monster.

either that or Blood Twitch…ugh haha yeah bigger mag is more worth it lol.

When I play as Maya (90% of the time), the Harmony Tree (with exception of Wreck, early on) is fairly “boring” (though healing skills are very useful), but Life Tap and Scorn eventually make up for that.

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Bloodlust tree sucks until you get to bloodbath and then is boring again until bloodsplosion

Axton’s skills are rarely exciting for me to buy up. I’m never excited about skills with him until I get to where I can have Double Up + Gemini. PLAYING him, though… You appreciate his skills so much when you switch classes. Swap speed, reloads, big kill skills, health regen… Not sexy, but so great to have.

Interesting topic. I often think it’s interesting at the start of the game what skills I’m driven to for their more immediately useful or interesting benefits. But then later when I respec and realize what I was missing in other trees, wow.