What's the name of that dude who is one of The Children Of The Vault In the BL3 teaser trailer

Early in the trailer, you see a sign that appears to reveal their names. You can clearly see that the woman’s name is Calypso, but all you can see for the man’s name are the FA at the beginning and what looks like an ER at the end. So can anyone who can watch the trailer in 4K zoom in on the sign and find out what this dudes’ name really is?

The guy is Troy. Girl Tyreen. They are the Calypso twins.

-edit- From what I understand. I’m not you’re #1 source of information on the subject.

Their names are literally written in the trailer on a poster.

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Pretty sure it is somewhere.
Or i was… Can’t find it beside the one @savagemannie is talking about. Had to search to be sure of my answer.

It is in fact Troy and Tyreen. Says right next to the pics of them. Under her it says “MEET CALYPSOS” under him it says “HONOR THE FATHER”


Thank you! That’s been bugging me. Sorry about not using the correct topic, apparently there isn’t a BL3 topic that can be selected yet.

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If you paused the trailer and screenshot it then tried to zoom in and it was blurry, you just SS it too early. I did the same the first time. Just let the panning stop then SS it, you can see it clearly then.


Helps that Troy has the family name tattooed on his conspicuously exposed abdomen. That, or … what rhymes with “CALYPSO”?

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Question answered, thread closed.