What's the plan?

Just curious as to when the next community day might be on the table? I’m certain there are others in the DFW area that feel the same…

didnt even know this was a thing

I don’t think they’ve done community day for a good bit, I may be work g though

That’s the thing, just wanting to show that there’s definitely interest.

I would love I another community day! I’ve always ended up missing them in the past :cry:

Yeah, I finally got into the area and would like to experience one!

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Is that like a picnic, or something?

Not sure. I would assume something like a picnic? Maybe like a little tour, some lunch and finish it off with a friendly competition of devs vs. fans in some Battleborn or something of the sort? I’m just assuming as I’ve never been able to attend any type of a community day for any studio.

I want to skip through a field of flowers with JoeKGBX… And then WHISPER A SECRET INTO HIS GUSHING NECK!!

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Im not following … :confused:

Your emote says different…

This sounds like something I really, really can get behind.

It’s a combat taunt Orendi has: “Let me whisper a secret into your gushing neck!” or something along those lines.

AH, that makes sense. I haven’t gotten to play very much Battleborn yet, unfortunately. Started back into school and getting settled into a new house.

Not a taunt; she randomly says it when taking damage or killing an enemy, i believe.

In the past, Community Day has been like a mini Gearbox convention. Panels on different aspects of making games and features in current and upcoming games, live music, tabletop gaming and stations set up to play their current game… usually a whole lot of fun!


So… NO flower skipping or gushing necks? Well, i’m out then.


That sounds so neat… I wish I had the money to fly over the ocean for that…

Yeah…European community day should be a thing.

I imagine the logistics for that would be incredibly straightforward.

(I have a very good imagination)

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It should… but I’ll have to wait till about 7am to find out whether we can participate, @Psychichazard. :dukejk:

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