What's the point of +33% area of effect bonus on her ult at level 10?

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that is involved with Galilgea ult’s AoE is damage, which is abysmal. Why would you want to increase the AoE of your ult for such weak damage? Am I missing some other effect that her ult applies for which AoE is relevant?

You’re actually still stealing health based on Abysmal Form’s damage (with the normal Corruption passive mechanic). So, the range increase allows to do more damage to more targets at the same time.(Which isn’t that useful in PvP)
Though I play PvE almost exclusively, I have to say i still find Pitch Black offers more utility, as it allows to return ‘with a vengeance’, due to full ATK Speed through Antihero.

So, this is it? +33% range to increase the reach of her passive? Man, that’s probably one of the worst ultimate helixes I’ve seen in the game.

Stacks w/ Lv 1 Pull and Lv4 +743 Damage of Corruption, probably - if its related to her passive, i’m sure at this point Galilea’s at full Corruption anyways.

How? You’re just increasing your ult aoe, you don’t affect the Desecrate.

You’re absolutely right, Desecrate is not affected in any way.
Sorry, edited my post to remove any possible confusion on that.

All I can say is, that Deeper than Doubt (+33% range) or Pitch Black (full Corruption through Abysmal Form) is basically just an utility choice.

  • Range increase is a minor (situational) DPS buff.
  • Full Corruption is self-explanatory, but also situational, as it is not always needed.

Pitch Black has served me well in the advanced Heliophage Boss Fights, though.

I personally would’ve loved a Lv10 Mutation instead of her Lv3 Gashing Bash (120 damage over 3 secs on quick melee), which no one would pick over It’s Dangerous To Go Alone anyway.
Increased Health gain or Duration for Abysmal Form would be totally legit, as it can already be cancelled in PvP.

Well it used to be viable in the beta when it offered 100% movement speed but instead of nerfing that to say 50% speed they just remove it in general.

I find her ultimate to be rather worthless in general. If I’m in a state where my health is low enough to need it, usually I simply die trying to activate it, as it forced you to lower your shield and you are completely vulnerable and unable to do anything else for almost 2 seconds…

The damage is garbage, and the health regen is very “meh”, even with a lot of enemies to “leech” off of.

I find I rarely use it, simply because there are so many other helixes she has that adds very nice life regen, and the crappy damage seals it for me. I am rarely low on health anyways, and if I am, then it’s usually because I’m, SO overwhelmed that it wouldn’t help anyways lmao.

I mean, even in the Open Beta I used to JUST use it for the speed boost mostly. But since it was removed, I rarely use it at all now… >_<


Enlarging the area effect of her special really only makes you a larger target so people can knock you out of it. It’s not very useful for most situations and the normal size of it is plenty large enough when you do want to use it.

They need to be changed Pronto. The movement was nice but now both helix options are useless. During a fight you’re already going to be fully corrupted so using it for that reason doesn’t seem to be useful. At least a mutation would be great at this point since they’ve nerfed her to the ground. Create another desecrate or a weak vacuum pull towards her. Which would be nice if you have your desecrate to slow people. It would serve as a very good combination to her self centered abilities and helix options. Allows for nice setups too so she’s not a complete solo combatist.