What's the point of bots battle?

I don’t see why it’s so praised. I mean you could go against bots in private matches with friends you met through vs,

the only reason I could possibly think of is because of lore, and to that I say you make it less of a challenge allowing bots to count for some of the lore which is a bad thing since ‘vets’ had to go through a lot more, possibly making ‘vets’ (like me) bitter.

ain’t gonna lie tho the kill OM 25 times was the most fun lore in retrospect

In a nutshell, to make PVP and obtaining PVP lore both easier and more fun for new players and the PVE-only crowd. Sure, they could just run private matches, but then they wouldn’t be an active part of the community, which is half the fun of the game for many (after all, how do you make friends in the game to play private matches with, if they don’t have a way of making them?); and again, the lore challenges. I personally think it was a great addition, as it addressed two major problems with Battleborn that PVE-only players had, in a simple and effective manner.


But it’s too easy, henceforth it gets boring, but most players are flocking towards it which I don’t get

Sure, it’s too easy for PVP vets like us, but the regular PVP servers are cruel to new players, as well as the players that play PVE exclusively. Difficulty is a matter of perspective.


If you have enough friends who (a) play the game and (b) are available to start when you are. This isn’t always the case (even on console).

Well, there is the lore aspect. I don’t think I’d feel bitter about it if I’d worked through PvP to unlock it, although I’d probably raise an eyebrow.

The main thing from my perspective is the chance to play a full team on a full map without being continuously stomped into the ground by pre-mades who’ve done nothing but play PvP since the game came out. Think of it as a bridge from the Dojo and Training mission into full-fledged PvP for players coming from solo PvE.


This thread…




Because it’s fun.
Because I don’t have to be at my A-game to have a good time; I can just chill, lay back and enjoy the lines of my favorite Battleborn, have a more casual experience


Breaking Character…


Completing lore challenges.
Helping new people meet each other and form teams.
Casual f**king about with friends because it’s fun just to relax and screw around every once in a while without hardcore grinding against premades.

Pretty much what @HandsomeCam said.

It’s easy for me as well, but it’s also fun if you’re in a 5 person chat experimenting or screwing around.
Kind of like the old pubs for TF2 before they changed. No pressure, relaxing match with friends, and you get some credits, lore, whatever at the end as a little reward so it’s not just practice.

Summing up: it’s a casual way to enjoy the game if you just want to chill.


Is this the guy that was banned for a thread or something because Almost all of this Discussion are negative to the game sorry


No problem with threads being negative to a game as long as they are done in a quasi-coherent manner.

Quite simply it’s because some lores are infuriating to attempt and selfishly trying to chase your lore and throwing a match to other people bothers some folks so bots battle allows folks to do those lores


Honestly… I just llke winning every now and then…


At what point did having fun need to be scaled?

I’m a Vet at this game, with two accounts, and I love Bots Battle because it is fun.

Easier than PvP? I don’t care at all, it’s fun.


I’m the type of player that Bots Battle is for.

I am garbage at PvP!
No seriously.
Me on your team would effectively be a 5v4 in favour of your opponent!
MY brain doesn’t mesh well with PvP dynamics.
I’m a beast in PvE, and that’s part of the reason I own Battleborn and not Overwatch.
I can play PvE with my friends and newbies depending on if I play Private or Public with no pressure to play PvP.

That being said, I still want to do Lore Challenges because they are fun!
Some of them require PvP, and I’m not OVERLY salty about it (the only ones I’m salty about are the Kill X 5 Times Challenges, more on that later).
PvP is a part of the game after all, a large part of the game!

Bots Battle has opened up a whole new dimension of Battleborn for me.
Whereas before I would steer clear of PvP because of my own limitaitons of a player, I now have a place where I can not only play with new people, but I can also develop the core game play mechanics of PvP in an environment that’s more my pace.
It’s taking me a while, but as I become more adept at PvP, I have less of a fear of playing PvP with other players as opponents.
I will have to play PvP with opponents because…

You currently CANNOT finish the Kill X 5 Times challenges in Bots battle.
The one PvP Challenge that Bots Battle would fix because of player picks cannot be progressed in Bots Battle… c’est la vie!


In addition to what you said. Bots battle is nessisary for newcomers as a place to familiarize themselves with pvp competitive modes. Not only for their sake but for the sake of very experienced competitive players, like myself, who wind up having to carry them or babysit them or struggle through a match that they have abandoned in frustration. I only wish it were mandatory for newcomers. In order to mitigate some of the things I mentioned. With such a large skill gap in this game, and no ranked based matchmaking, matches can be very one sided. A noob friendly area was needed. 5 man premades dominate quick match, incursion requires time management and draft is all about team comp/counters. The last two especially require more strategy and knowledge of each characters kit. You can’t expect new people to know that and you can’t expect veterans to put up with it.

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but it’s too easy

Nah, going up against bots is boring, AI can’t compete with human intelligence and I asume there’s no difficulty buff because it’s more tailored towards ‘Noo players’

A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily shared by your peers, and not necessarily based on facts or knowledge.

That’s an opinion :slight_smile:


You’re missing the point: The Ai isn’t challenging, but we don’t play Bots Battle for a challenge.

I just copy paste something I wrote on reddit a while ago:

You know why I love Bots Battle? Not for the titles or lore alone. It’s nice to finally get the lore done on most of the characters and it’s nice to earn a few titles (but still will stay with “Thrall”), but there are some things that are more important to me:

  • I can play any gamemode in there and most people aren’t ragequitting because they lost the gamemode vote (it sometimes happens that I run in a “I won’t play Capture and so won’t you”-diva, but it’s the exception).

  • I have never seen such a focus on the objective in every gamemode like in Bots Battle. Yes, matches are very short sometimes, but it still demonstrates that there are some people out there who are able to understand simple instructions like “kill enemy minions in Meltdown to win”. Absolutely none of those “Killing minions is for scrubs. I am Rath and need to 1v5 the enemy team!”-crap and people even apologize for making such mistakes.

  • People are chill and relaxed, joke around, help each other and it is just fun. 1 Kleese with 4 El Dragons was a fun match I had. Someone asks for Boldur for Thorn’s lore and we end up with a team of two Thorns and three Boldurs in matching golden skins. Someone apologizes for playing El Dragon to level him up, another one locks Miko in with the remark “need help to stay alive?” and after that three other Mikos join in and type “need help to stay alive?”.

Bots Battle is not challenging, but I don’t look for a challenge in there. It is just a place to relax and have fun with the game. Most people I met in there understand a joke and are really helpful (need someone for lore? Just ask and one or more people will help you out). Sometimes you just casually chat with everyone, sometimes you go into full “Botstomp” mode to farm titles and sometimes you just try out some different builds.

That’s the game I like to play. Playing PvP and running into some sore loser with too much salt in their body every second match isn’t.


You may find it boring, but quite a few of the people replying to you (including myself) enjoy it.

So to answer the question in your thread title, the point of bots battle is that some people enjoy it. Isn’t that a good enough reason to keep it as a queue option? I mean, no-one is forcing you to play it if you don’t want to.